Resurface, or clean the flywheel?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by EN7, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. I haven't been able to get my flywheel off and I don't have easy access to a air wrench, so I was wondering If there was some way to clean the flywheel?
  2. you dont need an air wrench to remove it, yes it needs to be resurfaced or replaced
  3. my pops told me to use sand paper (fine grit) and it worked
  4. You did not say why you have it accessible. If you are putting the old clutch back on (and you marked it, etc), then you can put the used clutch back on the used flywheel.
    Otherwise, as said above, resurface it. You can use a flywheel holding tool to keep it from moving on you.

    Good luck.
  5. It's for a new clutch.

    I went to AutoZone, (my usual parts store was closed for the evening) and they had never heard of a flywheel holding tool. They didn't even seem to know what a flywheel is. :bang:
  6. Take a power drill, and put a 3M scuff disk on it and scuff it up until all of the old burnt clutch material is off, and that is about as close as you are going to get without resurfacing it. You dont need an air ratchet to get it off as long as your spark plugs are in, just wrench it,.

  7. There's no burnt clutch material on it though. And any time I try to take a bolt off, it rotates. Please don't tell me I have a compression problem.
  8. nahh, no compression problems, since you can't acquire a flywheel turning tool...(which they should have at auto zone-sorry the guys are yours aren't so swift) you might be able to wedge a screwdriver against part of the chassis or the ground into the teeth...i know that sounds ghetto, but i've had to do it before when i couldn't get the tool.

    also, the angle at which you try to loosen the bolts will have an effect on how easily it turns the 'wheel
  9. I have done it like Tex does also. It is totally normal for the motor to turn over, as he said (that is what makes it a PITA).

    Do know that the screwdriver should be sacrificial - mine always look like a pretzel when I am done. :D

    Good luck.
  10. indeed...i don't like doing it that way, but if its late at night and you can't do it any other way...
  11. Visegrips=flywheel holding tool

    If your clutch was slipping,abused or just smoked resurface it.

    Sanding the flywheel is fine if its flat with no hotspots or cracking.

    edit*You could also use a breaker bar on the crank bolt but that's really ghetto. It might loosen the crank bolt.
  12. that's the only reason I didn't mention that one...but, whenever he goes to put the wheel back on, he can get a friend to hold the crank bolt while he torqs down the bolts
  13. you can also take the crank pulley off and put two bolts into the balancer opposite each other and position a breaker bar so you can get leverage to hold the rotating assembly from turning thats what i did to get the flywheel off when the motor was hanging from an engine hoist
  14. tru tru...lots of fun putting the flywheel on while it's hanging from a hoist...
  15. Dude, use the crank on the pulley. I've done it at least ten clutch changes all ready. That damn bolt won't come off of the pulley without a strap wrench and a ton of arm strength.

    My pops told me to take sand paper to it too. Remember, our fathers are from the "old" days. They only wished their muscle cars made as much power as ours do ;)

    seriously, the sandpaper likely won't take off the hot spots, not only that, it's not gonna do a damn thing to make the disc flat again. What's the purpose of putting a new clutch on the car if you don't have a perfectly even and flat flywheel for it to wear and seat into? You're only shorting your new clutch life. Do it right, resurface the flywheel.
  16. Thanks guys, I mannaged to get the flywheel off and resurface it, the clutch feels good now. I'm just waiting for my clutch ajustment parts. And I need to replace the alternator.