Resurrecting Thor, my 2001 GT


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Jun 15, 2020
Acton, MA
Hi Everyone, my 2001 GT, named Thor, has been sitting under a tree in the back of the driveway for almost 5 years now, and I was hoping to get some advice on what would be needed to make the car safely driveable again.

Background on the car:

The reason why it was sat was due to what I believe was a PATS issue. I would usually have to try to start it a couple times, maybe disconnect and reconnect the battery, try again, and I could get it to start that way. That day 5 years ago was the last time it started, right after I changed the oil.

Ever since I purchased the car, it had an issue where the battery would drain over time. Even after multiple batteries and a brand new alternator from americanmuscle, the car could only make it 3-4 days without dying.

The car also had a surging/bucking problem. Where after driving highway speeds for a little while there would be some surging and bucking. I tried to fix the issue by cleaning the mass air flow with some spray cleaner, but that only made a slight improvement if any.

I planned on getting to this sooner but unfortunately that car went from a need to a nice to have and life went on.

Current status:

The car has been sitting in the back of the driveway....uncovered for about 5 years. Ideally I would like a way to replace the engine and trans. Maybe with reasonable used options? Or maybe just rebuild the engine and change the trans? I would also like to have the car painted and put an end to the PATS issue.

Other than that I'm not too sure what else would be needed. I am not working with a very large budget. Any advice on what other work would need to be done to bring the car safely back on the road and what costs I could be looking at would be greatly appreciated.

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Mar 7, 2002
Why are you wanting to replace/rebuild the engine and transmission? Unless there was something wrong with the engine and transmission themselves, replacing them would be unnecessary, just change the fluids and filters (including fuel).