Rethinking engine options... again... OPINIONS???

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  1. I think I have dug myself sooo deep. I have big plans and have allready have one of Rick 91GT's beasts in the works, but on hold. With the emmisions laws the way they are, as well as other things, and not to mention the cost, I have been thinking. I was planning on a Dart 427-438W carbed with AFR 225's and about 11:1 compression. All said and done, engine running in a drivable car is going to probally cost $12K plus. Emmisions.... forget about that.

    So I have been thinking.... how about selling the Camaro and using that money to get a stock engine with a turbo system. Of course, I'll end up popping the stock block, so the dart will eventually go in, but I just think this would be a better, more legal, and streetable solution, and I won't have to worry about emmisions. Of couse, the car itself has a lot done to it and will be very light, and will be able to use the power the motor makes. I'm going to call rick soon and discuss this with him. But in the meantime, just thought I would get some opinions.
  2. sell the maro. buy a stock motor for smog time.

    I for one have a ton of cash in my new motor from Rick and I can not wait to get it.
  3. I have thought of that, keeping a bone stock motor just for smog checks. I think I'm just getting a little depressed because buisness is slow right now. I'm just not happy with the Camaro, but want something to drive besides my truck.
  4. Buy another Mustang to drive around... Sell the Camaro and buy a running SN or Fox to get you through the summer while you finish up your project.
  5. Block is almost ready Jason, should ship this week to me with my second batch from DART...:p