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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by valley82, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. I just took the plunge...750cfm die cast polished...
    I'll let you guys know how the install goes and how it looks & performs.
  2. did you go through professional products distributor, or?
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  6. Mr. stang - went directly though retrotekspeed site.
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  10. As you can tell, there is obviously a lot of interest in this product so hurry up and get it on so we all know how it works. I be subscribing too!'
  11. Can someone please link me or explain this intake? I don't understand the hub ub.

  13. Wow, I just noticed the price increase. In November the polished kit was $1,895.00 and they were advertising that the die cast version would likely come in around $100.00 less. The die cast one is listed at $2.195.00 now. Plus you need to purchase their returnless line fuel system is another $300.00.

  14. I'm interested in this product, first thought was why they don't offer something in between the 750 and the 1250. Also I think the price is a bit high, getting close to the price of the (better IMO) Weber-style 8 barrel injection kits. Port injection is much better than TB injection. Then again you don't get to keep the stock air-cleaner for the stealth look like you can with these. But if looks are your thing NOTHING beats 8 @ 1V stacks.

    Oh...subscribing :D
  15. I inquired about the increase as well, all of the 750cfm kits now include the returnless fuel system w/pump.

    I'll get it running as soon as possible cause I can't hardly wait either.

  16. So the $2,195.00 included the returnless fuel system with pump?

  17. Yes, the price listed includes the returnless fuel system with pump.
  18. fast has come out with a similar system, self tuning high pressure TBI but doesn't look like a carb but it does have its own "tuner" as well. I am told its under 2k

    its called FAST ez efi
  19. I called FAST about this system and it won't be out until late summer. It also doesn't have a provision for timing control like the retrotek version, it is fuel only. FAST has a great reputation in the efi world though, so it won't be as much as an unknown at the retrotek unit. The retrotek version also looks sexy.