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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by valley82, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Recieved a call from Retrotek this morning, I will be recieving the system last part of march or first part of april.
    Will update as soon as I recieve it.
  2. So it's not called "BossEFI" anymore, but "Powerjection 1 System".
  3. looking forward to the review...

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  4. I'm seriously looking at it too, the price is up there, I just sold my speed demon right off my car for 50 bucks less than I paid 3 yrs ago........I have to run my prosystems carb for a while....looking forward to your post.....
  5. Any update on this, has the unit come in yet?

  6. it's been out but i don't know of anyone who has it installed yet, i know there were at least one or two people on the board that had ordered it but that's the last i heard. professional products has an identical version of it now as well.
  7. I should have been more specific, my post was directed at Valley82. In an earlier post he said he was supposed to get the Boss system either late March or early April.
    I am well aware that the Boss EFI has been out for a while now.
  8. I have seen one of these (retrotek efi kit) installed onto a 392 Windsor. The car had been tuned by the Dyno Shop in Santee when it had the SpeedDemon 750 carb. After installing the efi, the engine made more power everywhere except at torque peak. Easier startup and smoother idle.

    I would put one on my Maverick except I just gave all my money to the people collecting government checks.

    Maybe later in the year. :shrug:
  9. Nope, I haven't received it yet, have called several times and keep getting the...almost ready, and the...we will be shipping it out shortly.

    I guess I can't whine too loud as they are not going to charge my card untill it ships, but the suspense is killing me!!!
  10. Starting to get irritated with Retrotek... if it takes over two months to get a system, how long will it take to get replacement parts?!
    And no I still have not received it...ordered it on 03/05
  11. I think it's about time to get on the phone and tell them what you think ;)
  12. So what's the deal? Are they made-to-order or something?
  13. a discount is in order for waiting so long!
  14. Been on the phone with them four times the first call they said end of march or beginning of april, second call was..umm err middle of april, third call was... going to ship in a couple of days, fourth call I was less than nice...should be ready any day - that was a week ago.
    Now they still have not charged my card for the purchase, but if they had just originally said that the polished cast systems will not be ready for quite a while, I would have bit the bullett and went billet...I'm assuming that is the hold up.
    Very frustrated that my car has sat for another two months and haven't been able to drive it!!!
  15. So are the billet ones in stock or are they on a back order too?
  16. Don't know, but I would assume so, Mustangs Unlimited now has them in their catalog and the billet style has been out for quite a while.
    I'm gonna call them again tomorrow, I'll find out.
  17. tell them to give you a billet one for the cast price since you waited almost HALF A YEAR
  18. ok like 3 months. a QUARTER of a year
  19. I found this on ebay and contaced the seller to see if this was in stock, here's his reply:

    Looks like Retrok is stocking suppliers before sending out customer orders. When I am ready to buy this summer I'm going this route and will bypass Retrotek completely. This guys price is competetive as well for a billet unit.
  20. O.k., I talked to them today, It seems that the cast version is the only one not stocked, IF they don't have a polished cast system in by monday, he is willing to discount a machined finish billett version which I can get to my door on tuesday.
    So it looks like I should have a system to oggle over tuesday night.