Retrotek Purchase

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by valley82, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. so any news? do you have it?
  2. Precision not have them in stock either?
  3. bump!!!

    do you have it?
  4. No, I have pretty much given up on idea how long the car would be down if/when something breaks/malfunctions, if they cannot supply systems, I have to believe that getting parts from them will be worse!
    Kinda bummed too cause of the time lost waiting!!!
  5. i don't think retrotek is selling them any more, it seems that Professional Products is the exclusive distributor for that system now. i saw something about it in Mustang Monthly i think. i'd give PP a call and get one from them.
  6. 6 month wait? I would be FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. oh dear, well I'm glad I didn't go with a Retrotek system. As I am on the other side of the pond... that would have been great for tech support....
  8. I thought the other supplier you contacted had them in stock. No?
  9. you can always buy a holley commander 950 tbi with wideband upgrade, cheaper than retrotek and good in stock at summit and jegs........bummer.
  10. GOOD and Bad news...
    I received my 750cfm cast polished system today by UPS...
    The system I received is satin finished @#$%^@!!!!
    I 'm gonna call them tomorrow and light them up.
    The good news is that I used my american express card to pay, and I live about 1 hour from their shop so I can take it to them and them reverse the charges with relative ease.
    These guys are not only slow (over three months) but also do not pay attention to the orders they fill!!!
  11. double post, sorry.
  12. Well, as bad as they are burning you on this stuff I'm sure you wont see many of us buying anything from them.

    Give them a piece of your mind.
  13. Good news for you, you got one.

    I myself will not buy one, I'm going for the Microsquirt.
  14. After blasting these guys with both barrels...he has shipped me a polished unit w/tracking # so I should (haha) have it tommorow or monday at the latest.
    I let them know about my ventings on "a forum" and the doubt/bad taste they have left in at least my mouth...probably cost them a customer or two.
    "they now have cast systems in stock" - MAYBE/Maybe it will take 3+ months to get.
  15. I contacted Professional Products and got the names of 2 stocking distributors in Cali. I still plan on getting one in August and after reading this saga there is no way in hell I'm even going to be contacting Retrotek for anything.
  16. Great thread, but reading it why did the guy add a reservior to his gas tank? I thought that wasn't reaquired on this system or did he do it because it's required on the 1200cfm model? Anybody know?
  17. Missed UPS today but they will deliver tomorrow. I'll update when I have it in my hands.
  18. Received the polished kit tuesday, Very nice looking piece.
    Kinda made me laugh and get torqued all at the same time...there is a raised portion on each end (the bowl if it was a carb) on which is embossed "professional products"
    Now to get some time to install the system.
    Gotta tell you though, if/when I do EFI on the fastback, I'll go through someone else to purchase it!
    I'll up date with pics as the install progresses.