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  1. Found this video on youTube today
  2. any updates on this thread? I like the look of the powerjection but a chinese efi makes me a bit wary since the new powerjection 3 has no ignition control, I'm thinking the new fast ez efi is looking better its a bit more but made in usa.
  3. I've been holding out for Powerjection III but the release date keeps getting pushed back and back and back. I'm pretty close to the point where I will be forced to go another route and that FASST system looks pretty nice.
  4. I talked to Wayne at very cool parts today, in stock and shipping. for the polished about 1545.00 without fuel system, 1750.00 with fuel system about 100.00 cheaper for the satin finish. I also found out the powerjection is made in USA not China. I think I'll be ordering one.
  5. Well guess what just showed up on my doorstep...

    Full install pics and info to follow over the next few days!


  6. Cool! what engine are you putting it on? does it have a carb now? I'm getting close to purchasing one for my 408.
  7. Nothing wild -- new 345hp Ford Racing BOSS 302 (Windsor) crate engine. It should be super-streetable with this system on it. :nice:
  8. I'd like to know how that thing is going to self tune itself on a non stock engine....
  9. it wouldn't matter if it is stock or not, it reads the o2 sensor, knows and adjusts the AFR constantly. at least that is what i made sense of in that video.
  10. That is how the MegaSquirt/Megalog Viewer does it.
  11. and i would assume any 'auto learning' or whatever does such
  12. Reen,

    Where are you going to mount your fuel pump? I'm finally getting ready to install my Powerjection 1 system, by am struggling with the fuel system - fuel filer and fuel pump locations. Also, are you planning on using the stock 5/16 fuel line or replaceing it?

  13. I would think you would want to use high pressure hose like push on or #6 ss braid with AN fittings, I'm sure the stock steel line will handle 45 psi but I would run new.
  14. 5/16 line is too small for that much power. Should really have 3/8" minimum.
  15. hey Pete, good to see your working on the Bullitt car again!!!!! i checked the updates on your site and with that engine and the Powerjection system it should be a really docile car until you stomp it and then it oughtta scream like a banshee:nice:
  16. That's the idea!
  17. I am having a custom baffled tank built and the pump will be in there. I will be running a return line -- didn't opt for the returnless system for this one.

    -6AN braided fuel hose throughout. In the interest of saving time I opted for the kit Professional Products sells as an option to the Powerjection kits so I know I have everything in there. Same with the Powerjection III itself -- I got the complete setup with the fuel lines, pressure gauge, and regulator pre-installed as you can see in the pics.
  18. :nice:
  19. You build some NICE cars, I have seen a couple in person at some shows., I think the new gen of TBI's are the hot setup, short of MPI which you can adjust each cyl's fuel and spark, I think the powerjection and ez-efi will make as much hp or a little more as the best tuned carbs and give better drivabilty and throttle response like mpi. Pete, are you running a single or dual plane intake? are you running a carb to compare it to?

    In my case I have three intakes for my 408, I had a indy car builder hand port a torker 2 for me, I know its a crappy intake but hood clearance is good and it looks like it will flow as good as a vic jr, on the car is a PP typhoon (stealth clone) which I port matched and slightly ported myself, then I have an rpm which I was thinking of haviing ported and flow balanced.

    I think the powerjection 3 is cool but the PJ1 had ignition control and 750 or 1200 cfm......I guess they are trying to make it more universal. Get that thing installed and let us know how you like it cause I am waiting to buy one after I see what you think.