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  1. The install was super-easy, but it'll be a while before I fire it up as I'm waiting on the fuel tank.

    Basically put it on like a carb. Make and connect fuel feed and return lines, hook up a few wires (coil, keyed hot, constant hot), plug in a couple sensors (O2, coolant temp), and that's about it. From the driver's side the thing looks pretty much just like a carb.



  2. Thanks for the pics Pete, I'm thinkin' I need one of these real soon!
  3. give impressions when you start it up/test drive, maybe a short youtube of the idle? lol i donno but when you get it there holla back.
  4. Our customer ordered the older version. Had to place the ECU, AFR meter and all that good stuff. Some fun finding places for it all. The injectors are a bit louder than you would expect. Thought we had rocker clack for a minute. Only real problems we've had so far is the start up enrichment isn't rich enough. And one of the fittings broke waaaaay too easy. Jump through hoops to get a new one. But runs great cold, good throttle response.
  5. I've been comparing the PJ III, and the fast ez-efi I read both instruction manuals and compared all the features, the PJIII can be used with forced induction and has a data logger, flows 750 cfm but now theres no 1200 cfm model and no billet model just the die cast I love how it looks like a carb but now only from one side it does.......on the other hand the ez-efi flows 1000 cfm, has a billet throttle body and base plate, stainless throttle shafts and slightly shorter than a holley and has its own tuning module.. If I could find a 1200 cfm PJ I I'd buy it. I'm thinking for a 408 or larger the ez-efi might work better, it doesnt look as nice but I guess it can be covered with a large air cleaner......
  6. if you can wait a while Barry Grant is supposed to be coming with a new improved version of their old VFI (venturi fuel injection) system at some point. it was a year or so that i'd heard that and it may have been shelved for now because of the economy but it might be worth a call to them to see if it is still in the works
  7. I pm'ed [email protected] about that a month or so ago, its still up in the air, that would be the hot setup a high pressure self tuning VFI.
  8. well that bites, i wish they hurry up with it already. i really want one of the VFI system and always have since the first time i read about them. can you imagine a VFI with a self learning ECU and anular discharge venturis? it would probably work just as effectively as a port EFI system in almost all respects
  9. The guy at FAST told me they took a BB chev with the XFI system tuned it and it made 617hp, they bolted on the ez-efi and it made 620hp the first pull. These new TBI's are real efficient at making power, I bet with a port matched, flow balanced intake mani there's even more power to find.
  10. Why would a company tell you someone else parts made more power ?
  11. xfi and ez-efi both made by Fast, xfi close to 4k for the full system, ez efi under 2k but fuel only.
  12. Oh oh oh, thought you meant the other company. Read it too fast.

  13. UPDATE!!!!! BG, has now re-released the VFI throttle body, no computer stuff though but all i really want is just the throttle body anyway.

    check it out....BG Fuel Systems - The leader in fuel delivery systems for street or competition use, carbureted or electronic fuel injection.
  14. You say no computer stuff yet it is called "Computer Managed Venturi Fuel Injection." Also on the page it says VFI works with most ECM's. If a computer doesn't control the injection then what does?

  15. they are only seling the throttle body, it doesn't include the computer.
  16. So you still have to buy your own ecm to make it work. Why is this better than a product that already comes with an ecm as part of the package?
  17. because the venturis in the carb throttle body, whether EFI or a regular carb, atomize the fuel better than ANY fuel injector regardless of whether it is port EFI or throttle body EFI. when you combine the superior atomization of the venturis in the carb throttle body with the precise fuel metering of EFI you get what is without a doubt the best fuel distribution system on the planet. add a computer that is highly tunable and with (or without) comptuer controlled timing that is also infinitely adjustable and you are set to make more power and better fuel mileage.

    when i get to the point that i can start actually working on the 69 cougar i plan to use the VFI system with a holey commander 950 computer system.
  18. the vfi throttle body is cheaper than the ez-efi one, I'm still wondering what the hp diff would be? I'm sure the VFI 750 would flow about 900 cfm but the ez-efi flows 1000-1100 cfm. I guess I am going to do interior mods, DB 9" before I choose an efi system, I could imagine if you got an intake that was ported and flow balanced and used a vfi on it it would be pretty much the ultimate fuel system, I wonder when they will come out with aftermarket self tuning direct injection? I guess we will see how the vfi compares, the old low pressure version had some problems but with high pressure and the new computers we will see....
  19. i agree that it should be the ultimate fuel delivery system and am anxiously awaiting when i can afford to purchase one, plus looking forward to seeing some tests of this new version too.
  20. Yea, me too there is so much new tech in efi systems, I cant imagine how good the throttle response is, I was impressed with my holley TBI's over a carb, not to change the thread BUT I currently have a typhoon (steath copy) which I ported, I also have a torker2 jet hot coated and I had ported by a very famous indy car engine builder, he seems to think it will work great on my 408, Joe Sherman another famous engine builder says the torker 2 in any way SUCKS, I look at the port job and add a 1"spacer I tend to agree with Bob Mc Kray (indy guy) its like a low profile victor and with TBI I can't see it loosing power over my dual plane, especially on a 408. Maybe I'll try the butt dyno and see how it works.

    Any opinions?