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  1. Think i'll bring this thread back to life again. im thinking if going the Powerjection 3 setup. I tried talking to their tech and seeing if they have any info on a boosted set up or any real data. They havent got back to me :(

    i really want to do this and if i can get the info i need, i might con my g/f into getting it for me(since i take the baby to cruise nights now and it will make it "safer) :)
  2. Ask for Cody. WHEN you can get a hold of someone, tech is good.
  3. Hey reenmachine, have you had a chance to fire this up?

    Any word from valley82 yet?
  4. After all the reading and wanting an ez-efi, I'm trying to get a 2 month old powerjection 1 for a killer deal, I like the fact that you can use N20 with the powerjection and the ignition control (if I decide to use it), not exactly what I wanted but for cheaper than the base kit of the powerjection 3 I can get the full system powerjection I returnless system.
  5. What is the difference between the Powerjection I & Powerjection III besides the small computer being attached to the throttle body housing?

    Can someone please explain the benefit of having the EFI computer control the ignition? From the above post it seem like the powerjections have this function but he FAST EZ EFI does not. Will a TFI distributor be needed with the Powerjection Systems to control the ignition?

  6. the powerjection 1 has programmable ignition control as well, yes you need a tfi distributor. Computer controlled ignition is much more accurate than springs and wieghts and you can dial in retard for high speed or boost/n20 using the map sensor and you can make changes with a laptop vs pulling the dist apart and changing springs etc....I dont know if the PJ 3 has it but the pj 1 has data logging as well.

    We will see how it works.........actually I do like the way the PJ 1 looks better, the PJ 3 only looks like a carb from the drivers side.
  7. So what is the best ignition option to run with the Powerjection III? I'm currently running my OEM distributor with the Pertronix II. As discussed in this thread, the Powerjection III does not have ignition control, so would I be any better with another option?
  8. There are lots of options. You could get a Duraspark setup with an MSD box or a chrystler ignition box for cheap.

    How complicated do you want to get with ignition control ? If you want to get crazy, you can get a Megasquirt system and really go nuts, full on DIS and other such crazyness.
  9. I like to keep it simple when it is something I am going to do... which is what I've got in line for this particular project. I've all ready ordered the Powerjection III, so I am committed in that area as well as the whole fuel delivery system (I've ordered a new tank, fuel line and return, pump and in-line filter).

    I had thought about getting one of the e-curve setups like the MSD 8503, but I don't want to complicate things if it's not worth the gain. If my current ignition is adequate, maybe I should just stick with it until a later date...? I'm certainly not making large HP or torque numbers that need a lot of spark.
  10. I was set on the ez-efi by fast which has no ignition control but the powerjection 1 was such a good deal I couldn't pass up, your pertronix should be fine, maybe add a 6al or similar cd ignition and have your distributor recurved for the best performance. Professional products makes the powerfire ready to run dist which has a knob to fine tune your ignition curve and its priced pretty good as well.
  11. Got mine today.......1300.00


    also found out this computer will run low or high impedence injectors, compatible with the BG VFI. The other cool thing is the guy had it on a 408 similar to mine (he's going stacked injection) in his cobra so the base program is already there. PP told me the 750 actually flows 930 cfm....I will install it after I install my 9" with cobra brakes and frpp dual mode muffs and new tail pipes. I plan to dyno the car with the mighty demon 750, then install a tfi dist and the powerjection and dyno it again and see what gains can be had.
  12. Get on it my man, there are a few of us on here waiting for a performance report. I won't be ready to buy and install one until late fall / early winter so hopefully by then we will have some good info to go on.
  13. I will post as I make progress, I think I am going to upgrade to 75lb injectors, 60lb seem a little light for a 500hp 408.
  14. OK so the ordering saga continues with Professional Products (those familiar with this thread will understand)... I ordered the Powerjection III back on July 28th and it was back ordered. I was told that it would finally ship on August 24th of which it of course did not. Current good news is that according to Professional Products, they shipped it via UPS over night service today so that I will have it in my sticky little hands tomorrow. No tracking number so I am not holding my breath...

    If I do get it tomorrow, my weekend will be spent doing a complete swap of the fuel system and EFI.

    Wish me luck!
  15. Exhale... so I should have been more optimistic. Powerjection III arrived today; hopefully if all goes well, I will have an installation update this weekend.
  16. is it running yet? I'm probably a couple months away from installing mine.
  17. I've got my PowerJection1 system installed and have gotten the new engine started, but have had some bugs to workout.

    I'll post more later. In the mean time here are some before and after pictures:





  18. Fuel System:



  19. Engine bay and EFI install looks great!