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  1. She is up and running, finally!!!

    OK, some more Trials and Tribulations, but finally the engine and the RetroTek EFI are up and running!!

    Well, I replaced the alternator, but then the electronic fuel pump wouldn't energize - - Vintage Mustang Forums...

    The signal problem with my fuel pump was a problem with the computer. I was on the phone with RetroTek every night last week. We tried loading a new fuel mapping program, then we tried to wipe the compmuter and load a completely new base program. We couldn't get the computer to take the new program. RetroTek sent me a new computer Overnight, got here today and the engine is up and running. I have a couple of small items to sort out and I should be able to drive this week.

    I brought her up to operating temperature, dialed in my new electric fan and set the idle - 850-900.

    I have to give it to the RetroTek tech help, I have been on the phone with them nightly. They wanted me to send my computer back to them to reprogram, but I didn't want to wait to get it back - so they went ahead and sent me a house unit and I shipped mine back to them.

  2. 67 topless, did you get it running yet?
  3. Any updates on the Retrotek EFI??
  4. Well, I took her out for a spin last weekend (11/8) for a shake out drive...

    The idle started to smooth out and the computer seemed to finally be dialing things in. I stopped for lunch and when I went back out, she wouldn't start.

    I placed the key in the "run" position and waited for the fuel pump to prime, then cranked it over. The hot starts have always been trouble with this new engine, but I thought it turned it over enough to get it going. 3 - 4 tries later and the battery didn't have the juice to turn it over. So, I walked home got my truck and jumper cables and went to start my Mustang...hooked up the jumper cables and the fuel pump never primed. All of the sudden, the fuel pump won't energize.

    So, I went back home for my lap top, hooked up the laptop to the ECU and ran all of the tests I could think of. 3 hours later I called the tow truck.

  5. So the above problem ended up being the computer again. It seems something is frying the computer when I jump start my car. Once again RetroTek came through and Overnighted me a new computer.

    Another interesting thing happened with the tuning. The computer has a tuning capability of 40% of the base tune, to the positive side and negative side. My engine was a little too hot for the base tune, so the idle never really settled in. After several E-mails and phone calls to the Tech Line, I was able to save the new "learned tune" as my new base line and the computer could tune 40% again from what it had already learned. This helped the idle settle right in. I have since saved several new tunes. My only issue with this is I wish there was a better publication or website that gave you more information or helped you to diagnose common problems/issues with the system. The tech line guys are really helpful, but when I'm working on my car on the weekend, I want to be able to find answers now, not Monday - Friday, 9-5.

  6. So, this past weekend, Sunday, 11/15, I finally got my car out to the track. I drove the 1 hour and 20 minutes to Summit Point just fine. But when I got to the track the Air/Fuel ratio really leaned out under load on hard acceleration out of the corners. I brought it back in after a few laps and checked the ECU learning curve, it was still with in the computer's ability. I took it out 2 more sessions for a few laps each hoping the computer would "learn" a richer A/F setting, but it continued to run lean. I have E-mailed the tech line some files I saved hoping for some more guidance. I'll post back what I find out.

  7. Anyone have any more updates?
  8. Updates? I'm waiting to hear a success story before I buy.
  9. Any new news on this?
  10. No, she's parked in the garage for the winter and it's too cold to work on her. I'll pull her out if we get a nice weekend, otherwise it will have to wait until Spring.

    I'll update once I get some more time with the system.

  11. Powerjection III Plus

    I went to the Retrotek website and I guess they have a new version for 2010 called powerjection III Plus, that controls ignition also, looks really cool. I wonder how much it will cost.
  12. Hopefully i'll get mine next week.I have to go to Vegas for work this week, so my money might be gone by the time i get back :(
  13. Anybody have any updates on the PJIII? The car I put it on is 3000 miles away now. Everything worked well initially and when I delivered the car, but there have been many problems since. The manufacturer replaced the system once, saying it was "defective", and things still weren't right. I just got word that the shop that is working on the car decided to replace the system with an Edelbrock one...:shrug:
  14. Didn't like the experience we had either. Wouldn't prime enough to start first try. Sent it out and they said nothing was wrong. Came back and worked much better but still not right. have an Edelbrock on a 52 chevy here. C how that goes.
  15. Wow, I have been struggling with my system also. I felt like I may have gotten it dialed in this Summer, but since have had a cooling problem that I have not addressed, so the jury is still out. We are, also, in the process of buying a new house/moving, so the Mustang is on the back burner right now. Hopefully, I will get some time toward the end of the Summer/start of Fall.

    When I get back to it, I will post.

    I have tried a ton of Internet searches, but really havn't come up with anything definative on this system. The most informative site I have found is - - Factory Five Racing Discussion Forum - Powered by vBulletin

  16. Damn, thought about it again and we actually sent it in because it wouldn't start. They sent it back saying nothing was wrong. After we got it back, that's when we were able to magically get it to start without changing anything. We just had to key up a few times to prime or use carb spray to light it off. Once it was running it seemed responsive, but we didn't tune it and was the last I heard of it.
  17. ive had mine on now for about 5 months now.Mine wouldnt prime till i change the cold start prime and its been fine.Ive had no issues and have been driving the car more then ever.

    If i have anymore issues, im about 35 minutes away from the company.
  18. I haven't had a problem with starts. I place the key in the on position and listen for the fuel pump to fully prime, then crank. It starts good.

    The system needs 45 psi for fuel pressure, so if you just go straight to cranking, it will be fuel starved.

    I can hear the buzz of the fuel pump, so when I key it to the on position. As soon as I hear the pump start to cut off, I know it has reached 45 psi. That is when I crank - starts every time.

  19. I was really looking forward to purchasing this system, but after readiing all of this, it seems I will go the FAST EZ EFI way instead. To me it sounds like the customers are doing all the R&D for the company.
  20. You will hear much of the same with the EZ EFI system. Basically, even with these "Self Learning" systems you are going to need a lap top, some patients and some ability.