Return of the custom audio build diary!

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  1. The top wooden plate is attached to the tire well tub with fiberglass. I cut the rectangular hole in the plate (it would be a circle(s) if I kept it flush to the floor, but the woofer was too deep for that and I wanted it to match the amp rack.

    Working inside the cutout, I applied a generous bead of strand-impregnated fiberglass (Kitty Hair) to seal the wood to the glass tub.

    Did this make sense?

    BTW, that crash pic is down right depressing! :(
  2. Looks Great Alan. Simple and clean.

    I like the gauge pods you made as well. :nice:

    Do you have it tuned in yet?

    How does it sound?

    Did you do anything special to the enclosure to strengthen it so it doesn't blow apart?
  3. That looks damn good. I think i'm going to try something similar this summer. Thanks for the inspiration :nice:
  4. wish i had anything remotly close to skill in fiberglass work. Im definitly going to try copy those door pods tho when i get around to a install. thx for the idea's
  5. Good lookin install dude, and the car is cool too. I saw it a WFC today. Took alot of pictures, so if a carbon copy of your car shows up in porno red, I know nothing. Had it not been for my 2 year old, who was getting sick, I'd prolly stop for a chat. Good job. :flag:
  6. Once I saw this thread linked in another one about a sub box, I saw some replies I had missed somehow.

    Thanks for the compliments. The hard work did pay off in the end.

    The car sounds great, but needs a little tuning to get it really solid. I'm swapping the front speakers to another set I have, since I didn't finish my billet tweeter brackets in time for WFC 8. Once that swap is made I'll put it on my RTA and really dial it in. (Kevin, I actually have a mint Coustic RTA-33 in the garage, can you believe it?!)

    Craig, too bad you couldn't stop and talk. I saw a lot of pics taken of the car, some of which could even show up in print. :D

    Had a great time at the race with the new system in place, and it was good to meet a lot of people I've seen on here.
  7. Lol.....Yeah, I believe it.

    I still have a Rockford Fosgate XV-1 Active Crossover sitting in a box that still works. :D
  8. That's cool. I almost bought a mostly complete Symmetry system a few months back, but passed on it. Support and parts for it would be almost nil, but I like the cool factor of it still.

    Still holding out for two really clean PPI 2350DM amps. I want one white and one black one for a motorized rack idea I've had in my head for about 5 years.

    I'd also love to get my hands on a Phoenix Gold Cyclone. Remember those?
  9. Where do you get those battery connectors? Or do they come with the optima?
  10. The battery terminals came from Streetwires. for more info. They weren't cheap, costing as much as the battery itself, but I like the way they looked and couldn't stand keeping the old lead terminals on there.
  11. Yeah I remember those weird subs. Reminded me of a washing machine or something. Lol...
    I remember when the Symmetry stuff came out. Seemed cool at the time but now there is too much technology since computers have come so far.

    I remember hanging out with Scott Buwalda and Dwayne and Scott had a crazy idea to hook up his small laptop to a remote system to run his car. And he did it! He had that glass covering his amps that could smoke out at the touch of a button. Remember that on his 240?


    I'll keep an eye out for those PPI amps. If I hear of any I will let you know.
  12. Not a big fan of systems with Sub's, it's something of the past when I was in high school to be the one you could hear a mile away. It vibrates the whole car. Love the door panel setup you did...awesome!
  13. check out this link. It's a link to other links, but there are all kinds of install tutorials in here. It'll help, I assure you.
  14. you're mistaking using a sub as a great addition to an already great system with installing 4 15s and no front stage. A system really can't be complete without at least a single sub that can reproduce the lower octaves. Rock without kick drums. Jazz without string bass. Orchestra without strong brass.

    I'm the type that enjoys both types... Listening to music without subs is like driving a car without first or second gear. Sure, you can do it, but it sucks. When I'm happy or excited, though, I love turning it up and making my eyeballs vibrate.
  15. Everyone wanted to do that after him... that ***** was CRAZY expensive.
  16. LOL Kevin. The Cyclone is a bit like spin cycle, huh? I believe it to be an awesome example of engineering, although it was largely panned and misunderstood by most of car audio. I'd like one still, and would probably use it in my home system. Already have the enclosure in my mind.. :D

    Scott's work has always been a pleasure to get to see up close. The last time I saw him was at the IASCA finals a couple years ago. Didn't get the chance to introduce myself, but checked out the Altima.

    Shootme5150, you're on the same page as me. The system I built is definitely not a parking lot boomer. It sounds like a very nice and powerful home system. I really enjoy those too. With the craze of surround sound over the last half decade or so, good two channel stereo music systems are getting harder to find. I just really like music, and want to hear (and feel) all of it from my systems.
  17. Awesome stuff Alan, it took me back to the good old days of real car audio...not DB Drags :D I enjoyed talking to you tonight and I am looking forward to my delivery.....
  18. Likewise enjoyed talking to you. It was good to speak to someone who was into the stereo scene back in its heyday.

    Have you placed an order yet? If so, I haven't seen it. If not, then I'll keep my open for when it comes in.

    take care,

  19. I was there too guys. I went to the Street Machine Nationals when it was in Du Quoin, (anybody remember that?), and I started talking to this older man at some audio tent, he was super cool and let me sit in his aiconditioned BMW full of McIntosh equipment. Still to this day the best stereo I ever heard, he gave me a card afterwards, I looked at it later and it was the guy, I think his Last name was Noisane or something like that? He was the dude that had the Buick Grand National that was UNBEATABLE for years. Totally cool guy. It amazed me their tent was empty, everybody was amazed by Troy Trepaniers black and peach coloerd '55 Buick over at the Orion tent. Ahh, the good ol days. And for the record I do have a couple Art Series PPI's in my truck.....A200 and the 4100 I believe it is? And Yes, I remember the Cyclones. Anybody have any "waveguides" laying around?
  20. Alan-
    After looking at my 5 1/4 door speaker locations, I have a feeling that the Kappas I have planned for the door will be too deep due to the window mechanism.

    So, my project for August will be making some lower door speaker panels like yours, along with some sound deadening.

    p.s. you mentioned an audio buildup of your buddy's notch, any work/pics of this yet?