Return of the custom audio build diary!

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  1. Almost anything of substance is too deep for the stock location. Good luck on the project, and let me know if you need someone to bounce ideas off or some tips.

    Haven't started on the notch's audio system, as the car is still being finished. We're going to do MSD's wire-to-win contest with it, so that's one of our current projects.
  2. I have finally found this I am subscribing!! Awesome doors...I must use this to fix my ghetto door panels.....(I hate the stock speaker grills).
  3. Wow, back from the abyss!

    I'm going to read through it for a little trip down memory lane... :D

  4. Yeah, its pretty old....

    I've been researching some things and have heard references to this thread by you and a few others. It took a while to find but here I am.

    As you read through, tell me if there is anything you would do differently or an easier way to acheive the same results.
  5. One thing comes to mind quickly, because I found a better way to do just this weekend while doing another FG box for a 2001 bullitt.

    Attaching the MDF "top" to a tire well confuses some people, and it can be awkward working through the woofer(s) hole, not to mention hell on the arm hair. LOL

    This time, I built the edges up about 1 inch over the edge of the well (did not cut it clean as soon as it dried, like with mine). The MDF top was cut/shaped to sit about 1/2 inch inside the extra FG "edge" of the tub. Using a product called Evercoat Everglass, this was simply applied with a Bondo blade in the edge, and smoothed. It dried and produced a solid seal around the entire box. I made sure to press the Everglass in the gaps liberally, so it would squeeze through and make a good bond. Think of caulking a shower, this was the approach.

    Check the "Sound Shop" forum for a recent thread of mine on this install. If needed, I can get some pics from the FG layup and show you.
  6. i dont know if this is an annoying question for you, and i think i ask it alot, but....

    whats the progress on the dash pod? Just wondering...i LOVE the look

  7. Not annoying at all. It's the "why don't you make a triple pillar" that drives me nuts. lol

    Work is slow on that part, as there are several other projects taking most of my rare spare time. I am close though, my friend and I are working on a nice, machined ABS "coupler" to mount the pods together in solid form. The one in my car was made-to-work, so to speak, and not production worthy.
  8. Holy ****z hah i would NEVER be able to do anything liek this i really wish i could but dam

    GOD bless you!!!