Returnless Fuel To Return Syle Conversion

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by bhuff30, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. I am working on a build right now and have a stock 99-04 fuel tank with pump, pickup, level sensor and everything I need. However, the build is going to use a return type of fuel system, so I need to add a return port to the 04 fuel tank. Does anyone have suggestions for how I can add a return port to that tank?
    I would prefer not to weld one on myself. I only have access to an old arc welder and would more likely burn a hole in a perfectly good tank/hat.
    Does the 99-04 V6 use a return style fuel system? If so, I could grab a hat from a 99-04 V6 and bolt it on?
    Will a hat from a 96-98 mustang bolt on to my 99-04 tank?

    I saw that lethal performance sells a hat with a return, but at $400+, I would be better off financially buying a new 87-98 tank and components.

    The application is for around 400hp, so I don't need a huge amount of fuel flow. Probably just a walbro 255.
  2. I can ask my brother if he can do it for you, I'll PM you later.

  3. Your setup looks perfect. I assume that is an AN fitting, from which I could adapt to whatever I need? Let me know what your brother says, I would be happy to do business.

    I was reading that some people have installed a bulkhead connector. That would work, but I still see the opportunity for leaks since it isn't welded.
  4. flstang65: looks like that hat would work fine for running an external pump. I'll keep that in mind incase I don't see any other options. I was kinda hoping to stick with the internal pump just because I am familiar with it and I know it works.