Reunited With My Old Fox Body 5.0!! Proud Mustang Owner Again!

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  1. Hello StangNet Guys and gals! Just wanted to say hi and share my quick story as I am a proud owner of a 5.0 (again!). Not just any 5.0 Mustang... MY 5.0 Mustang from when I was in high school! Yes, I got it back!!!

    My first car when I was 16 was a red 1988 Mustang LX 5.0. I loved the car and I have a lot of great memories of working on it with my father. He taught me how to work on engines with the work we did together on that Mustang. We put in the Edelbrock Performer package along with lots of other bolt on's together. Even as I bought other cars after high school, I always swore to myself I would keep that car forever and never be one of those guys who says, "I should have never sold my first car!"

    Well guess what happened? Money issues came along and I had to sell it. I remember the day I sold it and how I almost felt sick to my stomach. Sure it just sat in my garage for a ton of years collecting dust but it was my first car! I put so much blood, sweat, tears, and money into that thing it's sick! I found myself saying "I should have never sold that car" many times for years after that.

    Well.. guess what?! Two weeks ago I was finally successful in tracking down that car, and believe it or not, the owner said he was looking to sell it! Make a long (and happy) story short, I bought my old car back and now I am reunited with it and I couldn't be happier! It's not just a car LIKE the one I used to have, it IS the same car I used to have! Believe it or not it's in almost the same condition as it was when sold it. The guy said it just sat in his garage for the most part too. Anyway, I am super happy to be a mustang owner again and even happier that it's MY old mustang. I look forward to being a part of the Stang Net community!

    I'll post some pics I took from the day I sold it originally, it looks just about the exact same.




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  2. Cool story. Welcome
  3. Great story!! Welcome aboard!
  4. Thats pretty cool. Welcome to the forum.
  5. heart warming :) very clean car. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Very cool story and welcome to the forums.
    Stop by my vendor section and look around. If there is anything I can help out with let me know. We also offer a forum discount to all forum members.
  7. Thanks guys! Jarrod... I've already been blowing up my credit card on your website. :D Just placed another order about 10 minutes ago. It's really nice to see all these parts available for the foxbody's now. Back when I sold the car it was so hard to find OEM style parts (like odd ball interior parts for example) for it.
  8. Hope you got our Stanget discount.

    BTW.....did you buy the car back from the guy you sold it to, or had it changed hands again by that time?
  9. No I didn't know about the Stangnet discount! How do I get that in the future... is it a coupon code or something? Thanks for the tip!

    It had changed hands twice, I think, in the time after I had sold it. I am just glad no one trashed it! I was certain it would have been (you know how rough some people can be on the 5.0's).
  10. Great story! I really like to hear about the good things that happen in the car world, it seems they become more seldom as time goes on...
  11. You'll need to PM Jarrod here directly. I think he's on vacation this week though? I believe we get 5% off?

    You lucked out with your car. I found my first Mustang sitting in a Junkyard about 8-10 years after I sold it. Kinda broke my heart.

    1983 Mustang L. Wimpy 3.8L V6, two tone brown, leaky sunroof and no radio. Best vehicle I ever owned. Drove the wheels off of it for about a year. Traded it on a deal I couldn't pass up. The next owner bottomed it out going over a set of rail road tracks a year of so later and tore the oil pan out of it.....then proceeded to drive it home. Needless to say, the engine was trash when he got there. He scrapped it and off the the yard it went.

    When I saw it sitting there, I just about offered to buy it back, but by the time I found it, nature had been cruel. Wind shield pillars were soft and it had been sitting in grass and water for years. Pretty much rotted out the floor.

    Had to let her go. :(

    I've always wanted to run some of my old VIN number to see where some of my old cars had ended up, but after seeing the fate of this one, I couldn't bring myself to do it.
  12. Wow Gearbanger, I'm not gonna lie... your story kind of brought a tear to my eye! :cry: That's horrible! I kind of braced myself for that type of result when I started looking into finding my old mustang. I was certain that's what happened. I remembered the guy I sold it too told me how he's owned like 3 muscle cars in the last year and had wrecked them all. I was sure that was the end of mine when he got it. Guess I just got lucky!

    I could see how it could be tempting to buy back the car even in that rusted out condition but probably good you didn't... I'd be willing to bet she'd be one hell of an endless money pit just to get her to a reasonable condition. Sounds like you made a smart decision. But kinda a gut wrenching one!

    There's no mustang like your first mustang.
  13. Wow, awesome story - and that Fox looks amazing! Very clean looking hatch!!
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  14. Bought my first when I was 15. Best $500 I've ever spent! 1969 Mustang Grande