Rev limit on an LA3?

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  1. I'm curious what the Rev limit is set at in an LA3 computer from a TC. Is there any way around it? (besides an MSD ignition system, its on the wish list...) I'm looking to hit 7k, maybe 7.5k.

    thanks! :banana:
  2. umm, ok, thank you stinger. now what are my options around this?
  3. A tuner.
  4. or standalone
  5. aww geez people im serious here. It feels like im playing 20 questions... why the minimal information? :mad: it'd realy be nice if ya told me something usefull, like some names... I currently dont know of any tuners and what not for our computers. how bout some specifics? maybe some information on them...

  6. There are many ways to remove the rev limiter. You could get a custom burnt chip to raise/remove it. You can also get an EEC tuner, or TwEECer as well. Or, you can get the standalone Holley Commander 950.
  7. Or a carb car.
  8. we were giving you details. theres not a whole lot more to removing the rev limiter than

    Tuner, Chip, or standalone
  9. sorry jman, i was just hoping for some names, or anything that could help me find info.
    thanks i4power, is "EEC tuner" a name for one? ill check out TwEECer too, thanks!

  10. Yeah, i'm pretty sure thats the name, Ryan. I'm not too sure how it works, i've just read about it alot on turboford and such.
  11. after a quich check of them, i think the TwEECer seems the best/easiest. I'll do some checking on Turboford too.
    I also found the snEEC-IV. they all seem to be about the same but different :)
    they're all around $380. Maybe i can arrange to get one for christmas...
    Thanks for giving me a starting point to look for these things.
    If anyone knows of any other 'tuners' for the EEC-IV post em.

  12. You can pick them up for less on ebay...I got my eec tuner for quite a bit less than "list price".

    The snEEC IV won't work with low impedence turbo injectors.

  13. thanks very much for the info on the snEEC-IV!! wasnt too keen on it anyhow, but now its definutely out. im likein the TwEECer. anyone used it, or know much about it? is the RT worth it?
    and i always seem to forget about e-bay..... thanks for the reminder -- again...

  14. i've hung out in the 5.0 forums quite abit(yes my friends got a 5.0 so i keep an eye on stuff ;o) ) they swear by the tweecer, many of them (who go turbo or s/c) say the RT is worth it, just remember, if changing the limiter is all you want to do, then the RT is not for you. (hey it rymed.*ehem*) Its deffinatly a powerful custom tunner thats for sure. too bad its a lil pricey :notnice: