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  1. For the sake of upgrading to the Boss 302 intake manifold down the road, does anyone know if any of the Steeda or Bama tunes remove the rev limiter? Seems silly to sell an intake manifold to people if the runs are made to create high end horsepower that you can never reach. One obviously doesn't want to race over the rev limit all the time as the stock internals couldn't handle it.
  2. I did a street tune with BAMA, no intake manifold upgrade at all, and they adjusted the rev limiter as part of their standard tune. It isn't as high as what you are expecting with the Boss manifold, but they can adjust the rev limiter. You should call them and find out.
  3. ^^What he said^^
  4. I know a Mech at The Mustang Store in Auburn Wa. ran 10's with a Boss man on a stock GT with Spray and an automatic, sure he tuned it past 7000. But then again he can rebuild his toasted engine, that's his profession. At night your dash will light-up red at 7000 and with the new sync 2013-14's I bet the car will record all the events. The shamans and wizards at the service deptartment will throw the bones on a bear skin - Void his warranty the spirits have spoken.
  5. Precisely my point. Most ECUs for years have able to record crash data (how fast you are going, whether brakes were depressed or accelerator was depressed at moment of airbag deployment...really important in the event of manslaughter by automobile), so I wouldn't doubt they would know you removed redline on a blown motor. Especially with the stock tune missing. This is a question in reference to down the road when the warranty is gone and I have another daily driver. I'm not even interested in spraying it. Just looking for NA tuning to get the most out of the stock motor down the road.

    The Boss 302 setup looks good, but I'm still questioning whether the additional parts (intake manifold and aftermarket CAI) used with the 93 Octane tune really give any boost compared to just using the 93 Octane tune alone. Just having the redline removed- say like a Boss 302- would give you an edge over someone with a redline- say a 5.0 GT- who is forced to shift into a lower powerband/use their gears up quicker.
  6. The stock manifold starts to drop off in power at 6500, the boss manifold continues to build power to 7200. And it slowly tapers off to redline. I don't think it's worth it for a street only car, but if you compete, or drive it hard on the track, it is worth it (IMO). :)

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