Reverse Tail Light Swap - '14 lights on a '16. Weird right?


Sep 19, 2018
Virginia, USA
Okay, this is a weird one and might not really be doable, but I'm hoping someone has a bright idea - I'm actually trying to modify the back end of my 2016 ecoboost with aftermarket tail lights from a 2014. The electronics all work fine, but obviously the actual light housing is a different size and shape. Does anyone know of anyone who's actually managed this swap going down a generation?

Filling in the gaps that will result isn't a big deal, and everything will be smoothed out and painted body color to look somewhat stock afterwards - I've done that before successfully on other mods, so I'm not worried about it - it's making the lights actually lie flat and fit in the space for the originals.

This can't be accomplished by drilling new holes for the screw locations as the light housing will still stick out too far which is what I was hoping might be all that was needed.

Other thoughts: cutting into the light housing itself and installing a new back plate that I'd fashion myself. Taking a hammer to my car and smacking the tail light recesses in to make room (that's a great idea right?) throwing the new lights into the woods and forgetting the whole idea......

Any thoughts?

(Oh, and don't worry, my warranty has been up for a while).
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