Review Of 94-98 Black Cobra Style Headlights

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  1. I purchased these almost exactly two years ago. They seemed like a quality product at the time. The fitment was not the greatest, but better than expected. They performed adequately (except for night driving) for almost two years and then the tint started peeling off.

    So what started as decent looking headlights now look like complete trash.

    I called American muscle to see if they would help me out at all. Unfortunately they're suggestion was to buy new headlights. Buying new headlights every two years is not acceptable to me. In the description it states "full warranty", apparently that only means "1 year warranty".

    So if you're in the market for these headlights, either buy the clear ones or a different style.
  2. Good luck getting any of their people to respond. I've tried to get up with their people on here for weeks and still got no answer. If I hadn't gotten up with someone on another forum, they would've lost my wheel / tire order and my gear / tuner orders and I've ordered from them since 2005.

    Well, I'd be pissed about the lights also. Maybe someone can offer at least a little bit of a resolution for you on here if they see it.