Review... Sportsman S/r 26x12.00r15lt

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  1. Hi
    I am running Mickey Thompson, Sportsman S/R 26X12.00R15LT, I searched for reviews before buying but didn't find much. I was previously running Firestone, 295/50/15's (27x11.6x15).
    I used the Mickey Thompson's for the Hot Rod Tour last year, close to 3k miles.
    Had a bad one that wouldn't balance, sent back, the next one worked, not unusual I understand.
    Tires seemed to work well on dry roads. On the Power Tour, there was a downpour and couldn't go over 25 mph without hydroplaning... Not good.

    Overall the tires were great in dry weather and lousy in a downpour. I wanted to put this out it may help someone. I am taking these off and buying new tires.

  2. They definitely look cool. Sounds like they're not any better than drag radials in the rain, huh?
  3. Exactly, have M/T drag radials 325/50/15, and they act the same.
    Can't find the 15" Indy 500's firestones I had before. :(
  4. a friend of mine ran them in a pretty serious downpour on dragweek, and he said they were excellent in the rain. I was running with him during the rain and his car was definitely more planted than my car with M&h drag radials. His car has about 750hp, mine about 650hp...
  5. Glad they worked well for him!!! I was wishing I had my drag radials on.. :)