West Coast Revolution Stangs: Founded By Veterans, Supporting Veterans

Our club was founded in Nov 2015, by Veterans supporting Veterans Suicide Awareness Project. Our club consists of mostly Active duty and prior/retired Military. We ride for a cause and consider each other like family. We have been part of another club that disbanded recently. We cover the greater San Diego area as well as all the way up to Riverside CA.

We participate in a multitude of car shop days, picnics/hangouts, dine-ins at In-n-Outs and Sonic Drive-ins, sanctioned drag races, time attack nights, car shows, poker runs, volunteer events, cruises, photo ops, Meguiars detail classes or dip classes, and cars & coffee events throughout the So Cal Area, and a bit farther north occasionally.

We have created a calendar last year compiled of different famous locations of San Diego with our rides, even with Harley Davidson of El Cajon & the USS Midway however we are on the track to start over due to members who are no longer with us and being a new club.

We do not tolerate irresponsible behavior such as burning out, racing or revving (off the track) and we do allow our members to be part of another club (such as Mustang Club of San Diego).

All Mustang owners, regardless if they want to be a member or not, are welcome to come hang out with us. We love to mingle with other clubs as well. The way we see it, we are one big happy family and don't enjoy isolating ourselves like other clubs you may come across.

Go take a look at our facebook and instagram for daily feed, videos and events! We have a website and youtube channel as well.

We are an American Muscle club so once you're in, you get a 5% coupon code, a free t shirt with your order(s), and a free decal (limited time)! Other sponsors coming soon.

Questions? Email [email protected]

**Looking to expand into other Chapters, if you are interested message us via email or facebook**

Thanks, look forward to meeting you

- Bree


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