Revs In Park/neutral But Hesitates

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Christian Myers, May 18, 2013.

  1. So lemme start this off from the beginning, first started tinkering around with my first car, a 1998 3.8L convert. pony. Love her, but sometimes I feel like the feeling isn't mutual. Put a cold air on it just cause, noticed a crack in the PCV hose, but being new to cars, didn't notice it. I went to school for engine performance and electrical systems since then so I have significantly more background. SO BACK TO IT, nothing happened. Then after a couple of races, it started to hesitate when I went WOT. Freaked me out, I put it in park and neutral, revved fine. Put it in gear, stumbled like no other. I got the car around 200,000 miles, all signs pointed to fuel filter. Replaced it. Problem continued. Figured okay it's time for fuel injector cleaner. Problem persisted. After hearing what happens with a stock MAF sensor and an aftermarket CAI, tried cleaning the MAF, still hesitates. To keep things short, spark plugs were replaced, wires and ignition coils too. Problem is still there, I will add, I replaced the hose to the PCV but the diameter was too big so my genius (sarcasm) self tried to seal up the gap with tape. Help. People keep asking to race and they're growing impatient.
  2. Sounds like i had the same problem in my 2003 3.8 take your car to autozone and see if it is throughing any codes. I did this and my car said i needed a new cam shaft sensor. ($30) at the dealership and now my car runs just as strong as before. If your car is not throughing any codes try cleaning your IAC (idle Air Control) sensor and your TPS (Throttle Position sensor). These old cars tend to act funky because all their sensors are getting dirty after all the years and miles that is being put on them.
  3. I'll go ahead and check to see if there's codes that I had cleared before that I just never took care of but when cleaning the IAC and the TPS can I still just use MAF Sensor cleaner?
  4. No MAF cleaner is a cleaner that is more specific for electrical cleaning. For the IAC and TPS it is all built up burned carbon and junk so go to autozone while you get your codes checked pick up a can of carb cleaner. You do not need a specific cleaner brand just any cleaner that says it can be used to clean carbon build up.
    Hope this helps i wish there was someon
    e to help me when this happened to my car!