Rice-eating Recipes!

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  1. definently your throw out bearing. we need to put a sound sticky in. If there is sqeaking and goes away with the clutch= TOB. most of the time i see
  2. Wow I just read the date on this thread. Who brought it back from the dead?
  3. *raises hand* that would be me...i was on the site and had a popup..must have clicked the page button for the last page of posts and didn't realize and i saw this and clicked without reading date.

    Simple terms: I was having a blonde moment.
  4. Its the throw out bearing!!!!!!
  5. LOLLLLL!!! that was really funny, for some reason i couldn't stop laughing...
  6. This is my 3rd time in Washington visiting my wife's family in Bremerton and I must say there's nothing but rice up here.I only see V6 Mustangs.So When I decided to come up here from San Diego I drove my Cobra this time to scare the sh** out of some ricers.Needless to say I don't think these punk kids have ever seen a Cobra before.I had riced out Echos,Jettas,honda accords,and even a Geo metro trying to race me, I didn't even have to use half throotle to smoke there a**.
  7. under the hood and in the center it vould very well be the stationary idler pulley.

    give the kid a break guys, there was a time when you all didnt know **** ether.........
  8. yea i have just something i want to say, i love mustangs but more than that i love fast cars dont get me wrong anyday of the week ill take a 13sec mustang over an 11sec rice, but fast cars are fast cars. anyways my cousin that rents out the basement of our house is into rice, but i actually respect him because hes been into it way before fast and furious lol. anyways he bought a 91 eagle talon on friday that runs 11.2 in quarter. which i think is tight but keep in mind I LOVE MUSTANGS lol. but yea we were out cruisin and BEMIDJI my town is a mustang town (which i like) but yea they are all talking **** to my cousin which is okay, but no one wants to race him?????? and they are saying hes lieing about times of his car , well finally theres a green mustang that runs 13.6 in quarter that races him, the talon enilated it needless to say and people are kinda scared, im just wondering why people talk **** and then dont back it up? i have alot of respect for the kid with the green mustang tho he wasnt even talking ****. but yea boys MUSTANGS FOR LIFE! i just wish people wouldnt be so damn close minded? maybe its just me being too open minded?