1. Im curious. How many people on here dont like rice or imports? When u see a group of imports in a parking lot, do u feel like going by and revving at them or just circle them several times with the mustangs and watch them cower. Or are you the type that respects them as other car enthusiast? If you dont like them, why?
  2. I don't hate all imports. I hate the one's that have a 1.3L hamster-tec engine, 3 ft. high spoiler for rear downforce, muffler you can hide babies in, and more altezza lights than Japan that think that because they have an intake, they can outrun any car on the planet.

    I've seen some imports done right that are as fast as ugly. The guys that put money into the engine instead of a never painted body kit get my respect.
  3. I have friends with rice burrners..But theres isnt riced out some are alot faster then mine..But thats just me..But my car sounds better when i start it up lol!
  4. I don't hate imports, i hate what these idiots do to them!!! I have owned a RX7 with a 150 shot nitrous and Turbo Supra but neither were riced out.
  5. mainly I really hate the imports (or even cavaliers and so forth) with the super loud annoying exhaust.

    Also the type of people that drive them. You all know the kind... sideways hat, straight arm holding the steering wheel, and the seat 3/4 in the recline position.

    I can appreciate a nice import though. I really like the RX7's in the late 90's and the MR2's from the same years especially the turbos.. but they are a huge pain to work on... even a simple thing like a heater hose... man!!!

    But I will stick to my mustang!!
  6. I had an import, a 98 Eclipse GSX. I did a lot of stuff to it, Forged Racing block, forged pistons, ported/polished heads, 60mm Garrett Turbo, custom air-to-water intercooler, and on and on. As for the exterior, there were only MINOR modifications. I had 18" Hart Racing Wheels, and 14" Brembo brakes that were visible from the outside. I was told I was just another F-ing Ricer, but I didnt see it. I just did stuff to make a decently fast car faster.

    Honestly, I hate ricers. I do, however, like Import Enthusiast. There is a big difference in the 2. Ricers go to Autozone and find what will fit on their car on the Clearance Rack, and go bolt it on, doesnt matter if it looks good (the best example is the muffler that sounds like a weedeater on crack). An Enthusiast will order the right parts and make his car look good, and more importantly, make it run good. My wife was kind enough to try to order me a magazine for Fathers day last year, she found Modified Mustangs. Well, they messed up the order and after 3 months of Modified Mustangs, I started getting Modified Magazine for Imports. They have some pretty slick rides in there, and most arent Rice.
  7. yea i do actually like some of the cars if they arent riced out, 350z's are badass but if their riced out i hate em. I think its just a longstanding rivalry between v8s and anything under 8 cylinders.
  8. I have no problem with imports, I just don't like all the stupid kids that put a muffler and a goofy wing on their car then think its fast.
  9. yea that about sums it up. it's those that think they know cars & how they work but really know nothing and think it's an awesome car because it has a body kit and an annoying muffler.... :(
  10. I the one that rev's her up when I go by them. Just to let them know what a real muscle car sounds like.

    We have alot of ricer-kids in my town. Some are not bad, I like the 94ish 240sx if its done right. I have even thought about buying one to be my DD for good gas milage.
  11. Amen bro...

    I dont like ricers at all, they get on my nerves... typical wigga with the sideways hat and the rap bumpin... thinks hes got the fastest car in the world... his speedparts come from the rice section at Autozone..:lol:

    Imports done right, and most tuner cars yes. My brother had a 2nd gen Integra that he built an LS Vtec for and now a turbod LS engine, and he hasnt done ANYTHING to the body, wheels or tires or whatnot. Just lowered it, done the engine work and exhaust... thats it. Quite a badass car. Just like the RX7 I had a run in with tonight, but theres a whole post about that.
  12. I have nothing against imports.. it is what was previously mentioned. RICERS!!!!

    I have a friend here local with a SIC Civic that should be running low 10's High 9's when he gets it under full boost.car looks like turd lol. I can respect that.
  13. I think that most imports sound like crap, with the loudest most annoying muffler they could find. Then with just there cold air kit and exahust they try to give every car on the road the "Ricer fly-by". I swear they always try to pass me for some reason. If done right imports can be made in to bad ass cars, that just rarley happens. :flag:
  14. I don't like riced out imports, a Honda Civic is made to be an economy car, let it be one
  15. I dig that quote....:nice:
  16. for that quote and for you classical guys

    just heard it on the radio and i dedicate it to all you ricers out there litsening to rock 105.3 in San Diego

    "DREAM ON..DREAM ON........DREAM ON!!!":SNSign:
  17. There's a lot of nice import cars. They seem to be making more and more power out of these 4cyl and 6cyl. Just saw the 2007 Camry has like high 200's hp. Makes me a little sick with my wimpy V8. Domestic V8's need to step up....I realize we have the GT500 making some good power, but why not give it to the masses in a more affordable fashion. If imports can get 300 hp out of smaller engines by employing new engineering and design, why can't domestics give us our V8's that have been making 400hp for 40 years now...and do it cheaply.

    But on the other hand, you have the ricer junk. Example, here where I work, this gals hubby drives a 87 Corolla with trashed paint, etc....but he bought a new aluminum wing that sits up like 18". Its like WTF!
  18. i don't like alot of them but i do like wrx's and evo's

  19. My friend and I made the mistake of reving at the wrong primered 94 240sx. We were in his 04 Vette vert that just put down 404 on the dyno. It looked liked another garbage car. He pulled on us hard and the vette didnt stand a chance.

    Pulled over in a parking lot and found out he was running a SR20det turbo with like 22psi.

    Most of my friends drive hondas and 4cyls and some (well most are faster than mine) not proud to say it but when an import or 4cyl is running 11.90s i gotta respect it:shrug:

    Where i live i get beat by evos stis and srt4s everyday as well as the mustangs camaros and gtos.

    I might get some when i put on my s/c but not all of them.

    I just hate the wings and slapped on mufflers.
  20. w00t another dsmer. :flag:

    i too came from an eclipse background. 450fwhp on a evo16g with 550cc injectors, walbro 190lph and race gas, custom made (By me of course) fmic running 22psi on 100 octane.

    its not the imports most hate, its the ricers and the kids that make them look bad.