1. Me too...97 GST

    Evo3 Motor...Big16G...Greddy BOV...FMIC...550cc/255lph...etc...etc

    It was pretty fast, but I had "reliability issues" with it (big suprise huh :rolleyes: )
  2. its funny that this come about, my roomate and I to round and round about this all the time, Im not a fan of the imports to me i just dont see why people want to make there cars sound like hyped up lawn mowers, and blenders, there are alot running around here in madison that screw with me all the time, and here and there ill entertain a few, and yes i have been beatin by a few, but i guess to me its two different worlds, you look at the rice rockets they can really only beat us from a roll, unless you have a beefed up supra or something of that nature, i mean evo's and sti's and whatnot i can take off the line and hold them off pretty good being by the time there turbo's spool up ive got a pretty decent lead to handle them, but ricers get confused is allracing is done from a stop not from a 40 mph roll and that pisses me off the most with them, there like oh i just creamed a vette or cobra or blah blah from a roll, well christ your turbo is all spooled up and there you have it, you put that thing at the track in the 1/4 it will have nothing against a vette or cobra or our gt's IMOP, but i would own a supra or something of that nauture, they can be pretty BA cars in my opionion IF they are done right and thats the key word, all i see around here are hack jobs and what not. And yes ill give respect when respect is due, but from what ive seen there are few and far between.
  3. I like rice. Basmati is my favorite. Not crazy about the brown kind, though.

    Hating is fun.
  4. I prefer pork fried rice.:shrug:
  5. I don't have a problem with the imports. Some look and run really hot. I give props to them. It's the wannabe that have nothing but a fart can and some stickers that I laugh at. Most won't even try me. One night I did have two that played with me a bit and were doing some stupid cross backs in front of me. I just got back in town from work in Denver and then there we were all lined up at a light on an eastern empty highway. They jumped, I jumped and they never ****ed with me again.

    I love it... :D
  6. In the U.S yes, in Japan no.
  7. I kind of think to each his own, if they're enjoying their car, good for them. Just can't really understand them, and don't like most imports much. I just wish less kids would be misled into believing being a ricer is cool. Our neighbor's 17 yr old son has a 94 GT vert and whenever we talk cars, I have to talk him out of doing something ricer to it cause it's what all the other kids are doing. I'll be getting my daughter a stang when she starts driving in 3 years to keep her from the ricer path...
  8. I bought my daughter a '96 v6 vert for her graduation. Her boyfriend totalled it in 8 months. Just be sure she is responsible with it.

  9. I dont know about you getting evos and stis off the line...unless your puttin down 1.7-1.8 60' times they dont spin.

    My friend has a bone stock evo and he smokes me and my friends 04 GTO off the line (he gets me the whole way but my friends GTO beats him)

    Im not so sure kids who drive imports are in a different world most of my friends have all kinds of different cars and my best friend drives a kitted saturn with a built engine and hes no different than me.

    I think that most people who drive a V8 have a problem with the 4cyl for some reason but talk to the guys with the bone stock srt4s that beat a lot of v8s.

    I respect all NICE cars because i like cars it doesnt matter what it is if its nice than i like it:shrug:
  10. I hate ricers and dont like any imports except for Lambos, Ferraris, BMWs and such

  11. No i know what you mean, i have friends you drive imports and a wide arrange of vechiles as well, i guess i ment in it terms of technology and terminoligy and etc, is how i ment the differnt world, i mean its almost like a sub culture were you have hot import nights and things of that nature, were as us v8 guys were included in that to a point but its mostly NHRA, and nascar and things of that nature alot more old school big motors big power, that kind of stuff, i mean dont get me wrong seeing a 4cyl pop out some of the numbers they do is impressive but i guess i just dont see the appeal to that of doing the same things to the v8's, :shrug:, and im not against imports by any means but i guess if your goint to do it do it right and tastfully, dont stick an 18 foot wing on the car and a fart can and think its fast, or the unpainted body kits, stickers galore, neons in the wheels, neons in the interor ha things like that..
  12. Yeah I agree with that I absolutely had the huge aluminum wing and they guy who works at the bank behind me and has the loudist ****ing muffler on the thing and always rips by me when im wahing my car I hate that but I just dont like when people group rice into one big category.

    Thats like putting us in the same category with the v6 mustang that you always see with cheap ass autozone pieces all over it and APC stickers everywhere...I dont like that:notnice:

  13. Yeah i totally agree, that was the one mistake i think ford made when they gave v6 owers the option to get the gt appreance package, i came out of the store the other day and there was a laser red one parked next to me and i saw the scoop and wing and i was like nice GT, then when i got up to it it had the 40th badges and chrome v6 rimes and bumper and no dual exhaust and im like why would you get that..