Ricer going to ride in my Cobra tonight!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by yz250, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. I'm taking this ricer guy who drives a basically stock (engine wise) Honda Civic DX or EX whatever they are for a ride in my 01 Snake tonight! I'm taking his ass on the interstate. He's never been in one- I told him to hold on to his nuts, cause he's gonna go for a ride boys!!! :D
  2. I almost decided not to post this, but something told me to go ahead. I'm sorry if it pi$$es anybody off..........

    Not to sound like your Dad or anything, but..........................:rolleyes:
    that's the sorta ride that you save for the track, like on a test-n-tune run or something. In the freak chance that something unexpected happens (and operating at the speeds you're suggesting, it often does), at least you've got an ambulance already waiting for 'ya.
    Your desire to watch his eyes pop out of his head is understandable :p , just make sure that it's not because you put his head through your windshield doing something you'd regret for a lifetime. I've got a friend that had that happen (responsible for a wreck that killed a good friend of both of us), and I feel sorry for him every day

    Please take a minute and think before you act............... you might be glad you did.
  3. ....moving to "talk" instead.
  4. olegraycar, I was thinking the same thing. It's cool to show people your power but sometimes people push it to the limit just to get that scared factor out of someone. Good luck.
  5. Go for it man! Just be safe, it's just a ride, it's not like you have to go balls to the wall like these guys are implying. I love taking people for a ride in the 03, but I only show them what second gear and the beginning of of third can do and thats the end.