"Ricer" writes a letter to Car Craft...must read

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  1. First off, i would like to inform
    you that iam one of those import
    racers you so often like to bash. I
    just wanted to respond to all the letters
    out there. The reason we soup up
    imports is that it takes alot more talent.
    You gear heads tune 7.4l 454's while
    we tune 2.0l four cylinders and get the same
    HP results. How do you do it? The answer
    is we actually research and develope parts
    and push the industry forward.

    I understand why you guys tune your cars,
    though. You envy us because the average muscle tuner is old,
    fat, balding, and umemployed man who watches
    NASCAR in the living room of his
    trailer home. Its okay if you want to tune a 30 year
    old piece of crap that is rusted to hell.
    Be my guest. But if your wondering
    why import racers don't like your cars,
    its because they can afford finer things
    in life and arrord to make car payments,
    buy parts, and still have money left over.
    It is also humourous to see old men
    at their events. I went once for a laugh.
    The whole show was a bunch od old guys
    with their nasty, ugly women on their arms
    or lame oldersters trying hard to pick up women.
    All the good looking ladies that you had in your
    industry have switched over to ours.

    Rice for Life

    :rlaugh: :lol: Sorry thought this was hilarious. Since when did a economy car become a finer thing in life.

    Rice for Life....or at least till a new fad comes out right!
  2. Thats sooo sad. :nonono:

    All the shows I goto it sure looks like a couple hundred thousand dollar hotrods in there. A lot of young guys and hot ass women. And when I goto NASCAR or NHRA events I see a hell of a lot of hot women. oh well... his loss.
  3. yeah, especially since v8 can be tuned over 1000+ hp n/a.... i don't think a crummy 2.0 can do it...
  4. I want to believe this is a joke. It's scary anybody that ignorant has the ability to drive around in a 2900 lb vehicle in public.
    4 bangers do research and can tune their cars to the output of a big block chevy....

    I want to see a "tuned" 4 banger that puts out over 400 horses without a power adder.
  5. we call it torque
  6. DSM's are 2.0L I4's
    they can be made really fast too.
    but comparing it to the potential power output of a fully decked out v8 is inappropriate.

    i will admit to witnessing DSM's destroying v8's sometimes. but with the amount of money it takes for that 4 cylinder to do that, you probably could get alot farther when throwing that into a v8.

    that guy is very ignorant tho. i think mustangs look really good, and so do F bodies.

    those are mighty fine vehicles. i do not know what he's talking about.
    and i paid for my car in full.
    im not old or balding, and im not fat. im 19 and im buying a GT in a few months. i will also be paying for that in full.
  7. They tune because it takes more talent???? Since when does a ricer install his own stuff.......I've seen "old men" built and custom paint their cars in their backyard garage. Some of the older cars, ugly as they may be (according to his standards), have much more money invested (one of the other finer things in life) and could stomp about most any car out there.

    Pros of each

    Hot rod
    big engine
    hand built
    nice paint
    nice rumble from exhaust
    hard work put into it


    chicks in latex?????


    hot rod
    must be garaged

    everything aside from the chicks in latex
  8. wow, i like imports and all, but wow, that guy is a ****tard. technology is replacement for displacement, but the more displacement you have to apply the technology to the larger the results.
  9. chicks in latex are ok in my book, sorry guys...
  10. Yea, how much research and development does it take for their neons or big ole wing?

    And I'm quite sure, 10 years from now, our rustic muscle cars will still be here while their ricer fad has long been gone.
  11. Finer things?

    Honestly, I would rather have an 70ish Camaro or an old boss/mach 1 mustang before buying an RX-7/8, s2000, Impreza wrx, etc. The classic cars kick ass. Nostalgia. There is a house I see everyday on the way to school that has 4 70s Camaros sitting in his yard; 2 are rebuilt and the other 2 are still rusted junkers. He has a newer black mustang, but I can't tell if it's a GT or Mach 1 since the house sits off the road a ways. There is nothing better to see every day on the way to school than those cars.

    I would like to have the Civic Hybrid to use as my daily driver though. 51 mpg would be nice on the wallet. Maybe I'll purchase some cool stickers to put on it to freak the ricers out.

    However, kudos to the people that actually put more into the engines on their imports than spending all their money on stickers, ground effects, neon lights, wings, and stereo systems. Those cars are nice street machines but they are no where near being a hot rod. All bark and no bite. I'll die the day I see -in person; seen a few on the net- an import tuner with a car that can be classified as both.

    To each his own though. I know a few ricers who are not really into the engine scene. They love to alter the looks of their cars. Some are quite tasteful, but some are extremely repulsive. Anyways, the point is that these guys don't talk bad about me or anyone else that has anything larger than a 4 cylinder. We all respect each other's tastes in vehicles whether it be rebuilding an engine or adding body components. Love is in the eye of the beholder, per se.

    Back to the psychosomatic's letter. Here's a test: give subject (A) a RSX type S -seems to be a good 4 banger- and give subject (B) a Cobra -he said 454 but I can't think of anything "new" with that big of engine except for maybe the heavy duty trucks. Can afford finer things? Last I checked, the Cobra was higher on the market value for newer domestic cars. Anyways, after the Cobra smokes the RSX type S by a dozen or so car lengths, we will give both subjects $10,000 to do what they please with their cars as long as they are still "streetable". We will call both subjects back a few weeks later, assuming they were able to get their cars tuned to their liking in that time frame. Lets take a step over in to an imaginery world and assume both parties only modify the cars by adding to engine and taking away from the weight of the car. The RSX could probably reach horsepower in the range of 300-350 (Giving "A" some mad props since I don't know a whole lot about tuning imports); still well shy of the Cobra's stock 390 horsepower. Now, let's assume the Cobra owner realized that there was no way the RSX type S would reach the same horsepower numbers with the given funds and decided he would do everything he could to lower the weight of his car without giving away overall comfort and "streetability". The Cobra owner would have some money left over to add a few things to his engine to bring it's horsepower range to the low to mid 400s, perhaps. I'm not going to give some bull**** numbers or make up some random formula that would explain the next race (at the track ;)). Would any one disagree that the RSX type S would still lose? This is more a question than a rhetorical question. I don't see how the RSX type S could win unless the guy put a turbocharger the size of a trailer on his engine.

    As far the women are concerned, most girls like cars for looks. They could careless about the size of an engine or the sound of the exhaust. So, naturally, some may be inclined to lean towards the import crowd. It is then up to the "hot shot" in the RSX type S to not ruin his date when the Cobra slings rubber and exhaust on his windshield. Most girls that I know drive SUVs -a few drive mustangs and one drives a cougar- though, so I'm just speaking from what they have told me about their thoughts on racing and most of them don't care. So I find it irrelevant for him to bring up girls as a basis for his arguement in his letter. So, he's making fun of the old guys? I know a 50 year old guy that lives down the road that has rebuilt a fastback mustang that would smoke anything that guy could possibly buy. Rich for life. Use some of that money you supposedly have and buy yourself a clue.

    So, how about those Trojans? Atleast they haven't gotten knocked off of the BCS yet :)

    Note: When I say "you" I'm referring to the person that wrote the letter and not the guy who posted it ;)
  12. Did he say we tune our cars because we envy them? :rlaugh:
    That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. People have been tuning their cars since the Muscle car era. This guy is just plain dumb.
  13. even further back than that. people have been modifying/personalizing cars ever since automobiles became mass produced. :)
  14. hey man to each his own. ill stick with muscle cars but there are some ricers out there that will give us a run.

    sorry to fellow v6ers but i think the working idea that seems to be pretty true is "theres no replacement for displacement"
  15. So that's why they make stroker kits for us! :nice:
  16. And forced induction. :D

  17. this is a joke right?
  18. The only research that ricers do is... Wells lets see should I go with twin turbos or nitrous. Add 150 shot to a gas powered scooter and guess what, thats right ladies itll be pretty darn quick.

    We bash on imports because its like why bother with all that money you invest youll still get smoked by just about any muscle car out there 03 cobra all the way back to a 65 A/C cobra (which they raced against a V10 viper and uh oh yeah the shelby won. how that for a "30 year old rust out tin can")
    hood to hood and block to block if we add turbos and NOS and 4.80 gears to our rides (and coffee can exhaust) we will still smoke you
    So put that in your pipe and smoke it you over sized shopping cart
  19. lol well speaking of adding coffee can exhaust my friend told me about a 99+ v6 stang that had a ricer rear mount muffler on his car. i dont know what he wanted to accoplish with that but he is obviously very confused
  20. The Civic can neva Loose!