"Ricer" writes a letter to Car Craft...must read

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  1. Some bother with all that money they invest because they like being the underdog, or like the higher challenge of making a 4 banger run with a V8. Some arent necessarily trying to make a competitive drag racing car, but perhaps to compete in autocross or circuit racing.

    Imports and Domestics both have their strong points.
  2. Imports, on the whole are generally more reliable yes?

    Eitherway, that ricer is ignorant any car that goes fast and/or looks good is cool in my book :)
  3. don't you all know that putting a small coffee can on a honda/acura/subura/etc. can make it run faster than any american muscle car? If you put a large rear spoiler on it, it really helps the rear of the car get downforce, therefore making it look cool........nothing more.

    For the ricers who are really into hardcore racing.....the carbon fiber hood gives them another 150 hp......it's much better than NAWS.
  4. It's guys like the writer of this story that make me wanna do things that would get me years up at the pen.

  5. This guy is a ****tard. :nonono:
  6. There are three paths to power:

    Displacement - V8's use this of course
    RPM's - high-revving rotary and 4cyl engines make use of this a lot
    Compression - turbo, supercharger, nitrous, and diesel engines all use increased compression

    My ideal motor would be a 10.0L turbo diesel w/ 100PSI of boost that revved to 15,000rpm. That'd be capable of a sub-6 second quarter mile given a suitable platform. Yet with a boost controller and a light foot, you could still get 10mpg (or better) and have enough power to haul a spare planet or two around while you're at it.

    As for the ricer argument... well, if you do visual mods to your car to make it look "fast", drive like an idiot, or have fart cannon(s), you're a ricer. Yes, imports can be made to be quite fast with smaller engines (see above), but the vast majority of modified imports are rice, rather than fast vehicles.
  7. One of the things that i've noticed hardcore rich ricers do is that they buy a 7 thousand dollar chitic and spend 25000+ in "Mods" mostly external of course. I've seen cars like this all over ebay. If i had 7000 to buy a car, then 25000 to spend on it, i'd buy a 95 cobra, bore/stroke/boost, and blow their ass off the road with money to spare for gas. Honestly, if you spent more modifying the car than twice what it cost new, then you could be considered a ricer if the car doesnt do a sub 10 second 1/4.

  8. Who you talkin bout?
  9. just outta curiosity, did they write a response? i'd go look for myself but i'm too lazy, and i never read car craft cause its mostly all chevy stuff... :shrug:
  10. The guy who wrote this dumb letter.
  11. thats the kind of ricer that deserves a quick wang slap to the face.
  12. Such an Embarassment

    This is to author of the letter:

    First and foremost I would to congratulate you making an idiot of yourself by writing a message clearly showing your ignorance and stupidity..

    Second.. the basis of your argument regarding old fat men, 30yr old cars, and being able to afford the "finer" things in life.. is absolutely WEAK :puke:

    Also.. I am embrassed to even think that you are a fellow asian and have this mentality towards domestic cars.. Just because that we are asian or from the same region as "Imports".. does not mean that you can only like that type of cars..

    Modifying cars especially muscle cars have been part of this American-Culture for a very long time.. as a previous post since cars became mass produced at a resonable price..

    Dont get me wrong... I love both Imports and Muscle cars.. but dont trash other peoples hobbies and likes just because you don't approve..

    Last note.. "Rice for Life".. Congratulation on having the ablility to make a slogan that rhymes.. :nonono:

  13. Right on brother, that's what America's all about.

  14. I was wondering where all this cutting edge of technology comes from. From ricers tuning echono boxes until they blow. who'd ever knew. :shrug:
  15. The Cutting edge technology is a speaker under the hood that sounds like a BOV :rlaugh: and there bringin' neon technology into the 21st century!
  16. Ford's new 4.6 3V SOHC engine with VVT sure seems a lot more high tech and innovative than anything I've seen ricer's doing. It's a very advanced, high-tech engine, and puts Honda's 4cyl VTEC (even i-VTEC) engines to shame.
  17. As a owner of both (wife drives a 2001 Civic) 1995 Stang is currently stored for winter. The above letter writer is entittled to his opinion. However we picked up the civic for gas economy not to juice it up! The stang is a summer toy. To each his own but the slashing & ****ing is nuts, a ride is a ride! import/ domestic who cares.
  18. Because of the statements the ricer made, attacking "hunk of junk" American-made cars. That's why we riding him here on this forum.
  19. ok my friends that is what you call ricer :D

    he is something the REAL import crowd disowns

    the import tuners or whatever you wish to call them might put some looks into there car and might talk a little smack (but then again who doesn't talk a little smack and maybe put a few things for looks?). but they know how far there car really gets them they know it's limits. they know a civic DX with a K&N and cat back isn't going to wlk a mustang GT. they are car guys guys like you ppl here it's just that they chose an import for there car to mod.
    hell some of them aren't even that fast and enjoy the import cars and still might talk the smack but it's in humor that import guy is just having some fun he knows he will get beat. his love for cars though still goes on and when he gets the chance he will try to do something to make his car a little faster or turn a little better.
    this is my current ranking. it sux being broke :(

    then you even have the import guys for show
    now this is the tough one
    they do a little work for go fast goodies but they also have a lot of work to make the car look nice
    now these guys though don't put the huge wings on and more stickers on them that even god can count but instead keep it clean with maybe a mild body kit to enhance the lines not change them and a few other mild body mods for looks. they generally don't talk as much trash unless they can back it up. most of these guys know it's show and maybe a little have go

    then you have rice

    they talk the most trash, have the biggest wings go the slowest (though you do have some faster ones)
    generally they are not respecting other cars unless it is a import
    they a lot of times don't do much of the work on there own.
    they think that civic with a filter and cat back takes on cobras
    these are the guys that have no real knowledge of cars but act like they do

    this is rice vs import guys

    and if you look close you might notice that some of these fit you guys also

    so it is almost more of just car guys vs rice since your domestics have rice all the same :(

    but this guy needs help
    he falls under ricer :D

    lets see you build a 400hp with 4 less cyl
    you wish to remove the power adder then lets remove your displacement advantage

    no offence but that power adder is no different then you having extra cubes

  20. Why remove 4 cyls? If you were to do that then why buy a v8 in the first place? N/A they are at a disadvantage. Power adder they are also at a disadvantage...

    :worship: :flag: God bless American V8s :flag: :hail2: