"Ricer" writes a letter to Car Craft...must read

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  1. I agree that you bu an 8 because you want more displacement

    but power adder 400 vs N/A 400 hp is still 400hp
    does it really matter how the 400hp is made?

    if he wishes for me to do it without a power adder why can't I wish him to build 400hp with 4 less cyl?

    either displacement or boost is another form of getting more air/fuel into the motor and really it shouldn't matter how the power was made

    kinda like those ppl who say using nitrous is cheating

    it's just another mod to do like any other
    no different then using displacement as a tool to make more power

    god bless fast cars and real car ppl
  2. Um ok, car payments are a good thing? How many people can actually TRUELY say that they OWN their own car? Very few! These ricers think they are better off because they have something additional to pay for each month?!? No wonder they end up with such mods! I mean, you know those classic indy spoilers? $30, a fart can? $15 Ooo, big spender. Yeah, we're so poor, we buy real spoilers, AND paint them! And as for fart cans? I guess he things upgrading to dual exhast is less than that, and therefore too below for the likes of him!

    I hate it when people think theyre better than everyone else, when its clearly not so. For some reason there are way too many of these types of people out there!

  3. Im not negating that. Power is power. You get it the way you have to. I myself am going to bottle feed my Stang. A fast cars a fast car, but, I <3 the V8s more :)
  4. nothing wrong with that to each his own :D

    myself would love to own a v8 and did at one point

    but as of now I'm too cheap to own one so my rx7 has to do
  5. I like RX7's, Supras, Skylines.... I don't have this Nazi loyalizm to one brand, I like what I like, not what everyone says I should like.

    But it seem the majority can relate to what's a rediculous Pep-boyed, 747 wing, more lights then on a christmas tree, drivin by a side ways tennis hat wearin, IQ the same as the torque on their car, a$$hat.

    With that said we all know who's the ricer here, not one brand vs the other. :nice:
  6. No.....really? I didn't know that.
    Are you going to argue displacement or cylinders? Bit of a difference. But the point I was making is if this guy thinks import tuners are so good at what they do and domestic tuners are so closed minded and can't make the power without bigger displacements then I want to see them make that power without a power adder. They obviously are superior technological wunderkind so obviously it must not be hard.
  7. why would you soup up a a honda. they don't even last that long stock. are they trying to fly with that dumb looking wing. all they are is a weed eater on crack
  8. for a ricer maybe that is the arguement about displacement
    to me it doesn't matter how the power is made be it from boost, displacement, nitrous or even head swaps cams and such
    its all the same just another tool used to add power

    only reason I was saying what I said was your first comment

    and yeah there is a bit of a difference between displacement and cyl I am well aware of that

    but yeah this guy is a tool we all agree there

    dastang2 actually a honda if taken care of can last quite some time like any car
    but honda does seem to have a rep for building good long lasting motors

    as far as why you would mod a honda
    I donno think a little 1.6/1.8L motor running 12-13 second runs looking almost bone stock would kinda be nice

    they are decent little cars
  9. A:RICE belongs on a plate, even uncle ben agrees with that
    B: Fast is fast, 4cylinder 2 cylinder 12 cylinders, i dont care
    C: replacement for displacement = boost, replacement for dis+boost...none i spose
    D:Talking smack in good humor is one thing, talking in ignorance or because you learnd that your honda was a performance car from the fast and the furious ...thats sheer ignorance, and needs to be overcome, one whippn/race at a time. (does anyone else find it funny that there little civics in the f&f only picked on semitrucks, wow im impressed)

    E: E for Everyone, know your car, know it well, tune it, love it, and get over help others learn, there IS more to life than fart cans and stickers. (oh and if you could teach them that NoS is a brand and not a shorter word for NITROUS, that would be much appriciated!)

    long live fast,fun cars with knowledgable drivers! :flag:
  10. Amen brotha...Amen. :nice:
  11. I agree also

    rice is rice no matter what
    be it domestic or import

    fast is fast
    domestic or import

  12. You still have to look at it differently...there are 4 bangers out there that can eat up and spit out v8's for instance a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII + 2003 Subaru WRX STI could smoke a 2003 Ford Mustang GT it wouldnt eat up the Cobras tho..and u cant think of it as putting the same amount of money into modding the cars but to putting the same overall amount of money as far as buying and modding it...im happy with my car...im 17 with an 2003 Mustang V6 got it for $13,900 and making $233 payments a month....very nice considering im still in school im pleased for now....i like the evos tho....(evos really arent ricey and im glad they arent) at $30,000 i hope they wouldnt need all the rice mods to fly

  13. Evo's are crap. The stock spoiler can nearly make that car pop a wheelie sitting still, and the Euro's on the back, well, Euro's don't look good on anything. To top it off, it's a four door. And the only way it's gonna eat a GT is if the driver of the GT is a poor shifter.
  14. a low what 13 second car vs a a high 13 second car at best and yet the only way the GT driver woudl lose is if he misses a shift or something???

    I figured the almost second difference between them on the 1/4 would be the reason why the GT woudl lose not the GT missing a shift

    and woudl also think the EVO would take the launch also though

    but what do I know since I am an import owner
    and that being the case it is hard for me to figure out that a 13.2 EVO vs a 13.9 GT means the GT wins... sorry must be the import in me
  15. evo's are fast, nobody can deny it. and better yet, they make you pay extra to put the goofy spoiler on, i seriously think that was a good move. but they look like crap, to my eyes.
  16. I wouldn't say this is true.
    RX7speed is correct; EVO 8 would not be most of our car of choice but it's definitely a serious performer and would definitely give a GT a run for its money. I'd recommend doing a little more research before making such claims. :nice:

    Now of course if not stock that's always a different story. :D
  17. well what you all are forgetting is the torque factor is what makes most cars fun to drive.

    btw a car that has a broad torque curve and 250hp @3500 is way more fun than a car with a steep curve and 350hp @7800 on the street (which is where we drive)

    BTW I own all three of my cars, my truck and my bike outright
  18. ricer is upset

    ricer must of just got beat by a v8 and was a little upset about the whole thing mabye he feels better now lol
  19. ricer must be upset

    ricer must of just raced a v8 and is a little upset about the whole thing lol :notnice: loser