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  1. Comparison Tests

    Mitsubishi Evolution versus Subaru WRX STi
    First Place - 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution
    By John DiPietro
    Date Posted 08-05-2003

    Upon learning a few years ago that the Mitsubishi Evolution was coming to our shores, one of our editors was so elated he said he felt like "running through the streets of New York City in my underwear, shouting, 'The Evo is coming! The Evo is coming!'" Should you drive Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution, you, too, may get infected with such unbridled enthusiasm.

    Like its arch rival, the STi, Mitsubishi's WRC-inspired road burner doesn't exactly blend into the automotive landscape. With its angled headlights, functional hood vent and prominent intercooler visible through the front fascia, the Evolution has plenty of attitude. Of course, like most cars of its type, there is a big wing on the rear deck, though unlike the STi, it's optional — a "low-profile" spoiler is standard. Blistered fenders, clear-lens taillights and six-spoke Enkei alloys fitted with high-performance Yokohama tires round out the Evo's visual statement.

    Recaro and Momo are two names that car enthusiasts should recognize, as they are considered by many to be the top purveyors of performance seats and steering wheels, respectively. And in the Evo, they keep their lofty reputations intact. We're not sure about the blue seat inserts in a red car, but there is no question about the driver seat's ability to hold one comfortably in place while probing the considerable limits of the Mitsu's handling. One thing the Recaros could use is a more user-friendly recline function; instead of pulling up a lever and simply leaning back, one must twist a knob that is stiff and awkwardly located. The stout Momo wheel offers a thick rim and a racy look with its real metal spokes. The rest of the cockpit is more econobox than race car; apart from some faux titanium trim, it's generic in style and materials.

    Although it displaces a mere two liters, the Evo's turbocharged inline four puts out a robust 271 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. As with the STi, the Evo has a functional water sprayer for the intercooler, just in case things get really heated. Those who have already looked at the "vital stats" will see that the Evo is down of power when compared to the STi, having nearly 30 less horses and nearly 30 less lb-ft than the Subie. In real-world testing, however, the difference vanished. When it came to the 0-to-60-mph dash, the Evolution actually beat the STi by a tenth of second, posting a 5.7-second run to the WRX's 5.8. By the end of the quarter-mile, though, the Mitsu was trailing the Subie by a tenth with a time of 14.2 seconds.

    I dont know how accurate this is, but if im not mistaken it says this on edmonds car review , SO there is proof but dont know how accurate this is because these cars are all wheel drive and have alot of horses what do yall think?

    Just a few months ago, you had to custom build it if you wanted a small sedan with all-wheel-drive traction and drag-racer acceleration; a car to embarrass the big shots in all weather and keep you grinning the whole time you're at the wheel. Starting this month, you have your choice of two, right off the showroom floor: Subaru Impreza WRX STi and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

    A quick look at them, head-to-head.

    Price. Evolution's $29,582 makes it $1,963 cheaper than STi's $31,545 — more if you want a radio. Advantage Evo.

    Power. STi's bigger displacement engine generates 300 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 300 pounds-feet of torque at 4,000. Evo's smaller power plant is rated 271 hp at 6,500 and 273 lbs.-ft. at 3,500. Advantage STi.

    Cachet. Both will look silly to mainstream car folks and both are well-known and coveted among a certain slice of auto enthusiasts. Evo's probably better known because it's starred in a video game for years. The kids who discovered it there are panting after the real thing now. Slight advantage Evo.

    Ambience. Evo's cheap, stripped interior gives it race-car integrity — and privations. STi's conventional interior finish is more inviting. Advantage STi.

    Personality. Evo's stiff suspension gives it a hard ride in daily use, and the engine's unhappiness at lower speed makes it hard to drive in ordinary traffic. STi's suspension is a bit more compliant and therefore, more comfortable. STi's bigger displacement engine means it handles low-speed work pretty well. Advantage STi.

    Fuel economy. The two tie at 18 miles per gallon in town. Evo's smaller engine lets it achieve a rated 26 mpg on the highway, vs. STi's 22 mpg. Both burn premium fuel. Advantage Evo.

    Performance. Mitsubishi says Evo will accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 5 seconds and dispatch the standing-start quarter mile in 13.8. Subaru claims 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds and the quarter mile in 13.8 for STi. MotorWeek pitted the two on a track for a June TV show and came up with:

    Evo: 0-60, 5 seconds; quarter mile, 13.8 seconds, hitting a maximum 101.5 mph at the finish line.

    STi: 0-60, 5.1 seconds; quarter mile, 13.8 seconds at 100.3 mph.

    Producer John Davis says the Evo jumped off the starting line quicker, but STi caught up because it has better midrange power.

    this is on usa today and i didnt make this up so there's my proof
  3. The STi, we can report, is the king of this contest. Burnouts, powerslides, drifts, more burnouts--you name it. If it involves brute force and spinning tires, then it's in the STi's repertoire. Launching the car is easy; far easier, in fact, than launching the EVO. Dial in as many revs as you want and feed out the clutch. The result, at any engine speed above 3500 rpm, is spinning tires. Four spinning tires. More revs equal more wheelspin. And it's painfully fast. Zero to 60 in 4.9 seconds. Through the 1,320 in 13.1 seconds at 105 mph. That's .4 seconds quicker to 60 and .3 seconds quicker in the quarter mile than the EVO. Not only that, but the STi feels indestructible. The six-speed box notches solidly between gears with a more hard-edged, mechanical engagement than the EVO's cable-shifted box. This is good, since you'll be shifting more in the STi. What's more, the clutch can be modulated to produce launches which will punish brain cells on a level usually reserved for Naval aviators. And it will do it time after time. No wimpy clutch here, thank you very much.

    found this in a sport compact magazine but it is a sport compact magazine so don't know how true to the word they are but i dont know what is true anymore i seen in a inmport magazine where they had the mustang gt running a 15.1 and it was a manual so i guess the only way to find out is run one.

    ps: my freinds good friend has a evo and with mods on the evo he ran a 13.5 at the track
  4. thats the thing with mags
    most of them do not do justice to the car

    think they go about trying to get a conservative run that way everybody doesn't go ape**** about my car can't run that

    but the STI is a low 13 second car with a GOOD driver
    same with the Evo8

    just mag drivers SUCK BALLS

    at least give you credit though you did find info saying 13.8 and 14.0

    but it is not the best that car can do
    they can do a lot better
  5. The mags just give their biast opinion. I guess the true test is to go find one out on the street and just find out what happens. Nothing more nothing less. See if the driver can do what it's meant to do.
  6. Well my hats off to pjdellenger80 for pulling it together and keeping his composure. I thought this was just going to turn into a flame fest of name calling and ignorant spouts of my car is still gods gift. :nice:

    Oh and for the mags; I can't remeber the damn mag but I remember a write up on the '01 Cobra somewhere with a 1/4 mile of a low to mid 14. :rolleyes:

    Infact there was a car magazine (car and driver?) last year right next to my house. They rent out a part of a private runway in Camarillo CA to do test on the next years cars (2003 at the time) so these 1/4 mile numbers are taken without a track and tree. :shrug:
  7. I agree good job at keeping things together

    I know I come off harsh but try to stay away from pure insults and you did not resort to name calling :D

    but yeah it was R&T that pulled off a 14.1 in a cobra
  8. well i really think a good driver in one of these awd cars will beat me probably pretty good right now, but hopefully in a few months from now when i get a few mods in my car i will be able to give them a run. It really is amazing how fast these cars go and how much horsepower they can get out of these 4 bangers. I Give props to mitsubishi and suburu. For the money these cars are, i guess they better be fast though. I cant say i wouldn't like to own one because they are nice cars. Would love to race one!
  9. mabye they should let us test drive these cars and give them the proper 0-60 and quarter mile times. I mean what magazine can you believe. All of these magazines tell you something different?
  10. yeah I find most the time with mags you can take away anywhere from .2-1.5 seconds OFF the time they claim

    it's sad :-(
  11. i have to put up with this bullshait everyday in wisconsin. we got hmongs up the ass here that worship the honda gods.
    p.s. i dont think its that unique to see 20 civics with the same body kits and xmas lights flashing all over the car. id rather see something rare like a 5.0 (its wisconsin most are winter beaters that have doors rusted off)
  12. What an idiot!How much "talent" does it take to tune a 4 banger?

    Someone should tell him that we make fun of him because he's an idiot with a vtec under the hood.It's called an economy car for a reason...because it can never be muscle.

    And those old guys have some of the nicest cars I have ever seen.All custom,all done by themsleves...and they don't live in trailer homes.

    And most ricers can afford the "finer things in life" because their daddies buy them everything for their car.It's normally not their money going into it,it's their father's money.
  13. To start off I am an import guy. What that moron wrote was very stupid and disrespectful. Definitely a part of the Honda crowd... I just don't think he really knows much about 'tuning' or cars in general besides their names. The 'real' or 'true' import enthisiasts are not like that because we like to give credit where credit is due. You can't talk trash everywhere. Everything he listed was stereotypical and I wonder if he would even last a minute saying this in public. It's people like him who give us a band name :notnice:
  14. Another ricer research is: how can I get this wing not to kill my fuel economy and also will it fit in my garage . just kiddin :nice: Cars are cars I like them all from a Subaru 4wd wrx to a blown nomad wagon. Its the respect and knowledge behind the wheel that counts.
  15. An import enthusiast at my shop said something that made me think. It wasn't worded exactly like this, but you'll get the idea:

    "Tuning imports is more of a challenge. Yeah, V8's are awesome, but it's so easy to make power with them. Just bolt on new heads and it'll add 50 horsepower. Where is the fun in that? You aren't really doing anything, except just putting it on. With little 4 banger imports, you have to tune, tune, and tune some more. You actually have to WORK for 300 horsepower. "

    The last part, working for 300hp, I can confirm that. It's what i'm aiming for on my 2.3 turbo project, and it won't be easy. It won't be expensive though; 2.3's are junkyard-powered!!!
  16. i find that quite humorous, sounds like he is a kid somewhat in my age range (im 16), and i hate rice, im not a big fat bald guy w/ an ugly chick. on top of that, the chicks around here at least love my mustang. i'd do anything to talk to that person and see what kind of car he actually has and all, i think it'd be quite entertaining...
  17. All I read there was "**** **** **** ****" Boo hoo, quit bein a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'. :D :rlaugh:
  18. That is plain :bs:

    That was wrote by a uneducated punk A$$ kid who can't not think for him self. This generation is highly influanced by HollyWood and its crap. There is a very big history of old Muscle cars that most of us fell in love with. Companies like Ford, Buick and Olds has been around for a 100 years. I choice to go against the grain and bought a four banger which stock eats up 90% of the rice this town throws at it. The rest of the 10% will be desert this summer. As for what I can or can't aford is non of his business but I will say this I just wrote a check for a 04' Z71 Tahoe out right with NO payments ever. Hell my Tahoe is slow as crap, stock its 16.7 1/4 and could do its own rice eating, but whats the point all they do is set there belly aching about your using a V8.
  19. Has anyone been to a ricer drag event? It sounds like a giant swarm of bees.