"Ricer" writes a letter to Car Craft...must read

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  1. Ricer

    Sound like someone got an arss woopin :D one too many red lights next to a real american Muscle Car. Ricer Boy go home ripp that oversized 5 inch chrome exhaust off, replace it with the original 1 1/4 inch pipe remove all the stickers and sell that K&N filter give the money back to mom and give her back her keyes.. Or better yet go buy a motorized scooter Im sure it'll be just as fast. :D Oh yeah ....... Man can you imagine what ricers feel like when they stop at a red light and a real performance car ( Mustang) pulls up next to them. somewhat like this :( I bet... OHHHH NOOO not again specially if they are playing it cool windows down stereo cranking etc.. you just deflate that whole wannabe personna

    Next time im next to one I'll look over and give em that look :rolleyes:
  2. i dont care how much horsepower you think ur ricer puts out. horsepower means 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me', torque moves the car, ur imports dont have it....but i guess someone stupid enough to write a letter like that, wouldnt be able to figure that one out. u see, ford and all other muscle car builders know how to put power into a car BEFORE u buy it. u people with ur hondas have to work on it after u buy it to make it fast. "finer things in life"??? since when is a honda civic a luxury car?????explain that one
  3. OMG STOP IT!! well true in every way

    yes there are kids who fix up civics and imports and there are kids who fix up mustangs and camaros.
    i am both. i came from import world and i live in hollywood where imports and muscle cars race eachother daily...sanfernando vally do downtown LA.

    i owned rx-7s to civics and bmw m3.... loved them all and fixed up all of them mild.

    i just bought my mustang and i am going all out on it. check out my post page by hollywood mustang at 5.0 tech.

    you guys are basically taking this to 1942 when japan VS usa was big at the time.

    but these days in age it's what you do with your car is important. you have to have passion for it.doesn't matter what kind of car you drive...even car designers and engine builders jump around ford to hyundai these days and that's fact. hyundai uses same motor as ford focus and mitsu and mazda.so it's not just let's put exhaust and intake and race everyone you see.

    you prep it. paint it. sweat. some cut fingers, blood, slamming tools, losing tools(LOL) and wearing beany at 2 in the morning to put your heads and maf together and same time you are thinking about putting your new shocks in that you said you weren't goona do until tomorrow morning.(your girlfriend bringing down nice cup of coffee is always nice...but that never happens)

    but that's just pure love of all cars. not ricers and slow v8's. there are no limits to cars. you can do it all so let's not call eachother names and respect the true meaning and love for the cars.

    thanks. all imports to muscle.
  4. If I tuned a ricer, it would look like this:


    Hmmm. . . . .

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  5. For one, why did you pull up a thread that is 2 years old?

    Second off, what they are refering to are those people who feel OMG I HAVE INTAKE AND EXHAUST AND CAN BEAT EVERYTHING then they can't do crap, not the people who actually do something and get down and dirty in the car. Anyways, hp is an inflated number that doesn't mean anything. I have studied physics and understand how the number comes out. The reason is a higher revving engine can reach a higher speed at a 1:1 ratio, so even though it takes half an hour to get to 130mph compared to the car that took 10 seconds to get to 50mph, the 1st car is said to have more hp just cause it made it that high. Thing that makes them faster is the 4.0+ gear ratios and the fact that in a race, they don't reach a 1:1 ratio like muscle cars do.
  6. let people do whatever they want to their 4,6, and 8 cylnder cars but don't buy a honda and spend $25,000 on it then says its better than a $25,000 STOCK Mustang
  7. Not only that, but the people who go off and buy a $40,000 sports car and say how much better their car is than my $8,000 V6. A real comparison is that $40k car and the $34k Cobra which could easily win and still have alittle money left over.
  8. yea really... sure an sti can probably burn me but a cobra costs less and wud do that sti so bad.. and since when do ricers have money left over? those guys are in debt til theyre dead.. American cars kick ass:flag: Happy Memorial Day lol
  9. CORVETTE+MUSTANG=TRUE AMERICAN MUSCLE :D enough said and done.........
  10. +1
  11. I hate imports, i enjoy eating them for snacks, This one dude from my neighbor hood always used to stop in front of my house and dump his clutch at 4000 rpm at 1200 in the morning, i can't stand those rice can exhausts, so one day i went to his house and power braked it and did a massive burnout in front of his house to where i couldn't see my car cuz it was covered in smoke and see how he liked it, cuz no import can do that, So he never did some around my house and do burnouts after that lol!
  12. :nice: :SNSign:

    I told some ricer dude at Jack in the Crack that just last night. He got mad at me. :shrug:
  13. That is so true. I still remember this one show had this 30 year old moron who bought a civic, lived with his mother so he could spend his $30,000 over a few years on his civic. It ran amazingly fast....12's. A stock 03/04 Cobra can break 12's.

    I have fun with the ones who will upgrade the fuel system after installing a "cold air intake"...but this guy's filter sat on his header. SAT ON the freaking header...Or how bout the ones who will drop the clutch at 7,000 on a stock transmission. Granted he only have like 100lb-ft of torque but still, 2 transmissions hasn't tought that guy a lesson.
  14. I'm sorry, but has any 4 banger in history ever made more than 5k hp? I think the people who say "my idea of a big block is a straight six with a turbo" are just plain ignorant.

    PS: for those of you supra owners who always want to know if i'll race you from a roll because you don't have the balls to race me at the track..yes that quote was for you. :bang:

    PSS: Yes i'm very well aware that there are supras and other cars out there that will beat the livin pants off my car, by no means is my car super fast....yet
  15. honestly i dont think riceburners are into fads
    i think they're more of a gay tradition

    i mean.. 4bangs will always be around, and so will the stupid kids who blow they're engine heads by revving up too much, but it takes knowledge to tune a car without nitrous or twin turbos from japan, and most of the people who have that knowledge, have a v6 as a play car, and or a v8 serious car, but no 4bang can get a car past viper speed, which, btw in no offense to vipers, ive seen too many videos of cobras smoking vipers

    and besides... the 'hot rods' with 'uglly bald fat trailer trash' with the 'ugly' freakin hot chicks always have hotter cars, hotter girls... and because so always have more money, the ricers just get mad and jealous
  16. dis thread is OOOOOOLLLLDDDD!

  17. is taht you by chance in your avatar?

    so your saying there is no way an import can smoke the tires like that? why it's not that hard to creat a lack of traction. it's now power hell my 76 accord can smoke them if I pull the ebrake. gotta love FWD with the built in line lock :p
  18. when was the last time any streetable or production based motor made 5k horsepower? unless you are doing topfuel/funny car racing then this is nothing more then monkey spank.

    that would be like me going off saying woo hoo my car is a rotary motor so I must be fast cause a rotary has won lemans once.

    sounds kinda stupid doesn't it?

    feel the same way about those that try to act like a v8 that you drive around has anything to do with a top fuel car.

    when was the last time a ford has won indy? since I drive a honda right now that means my honda must have something to it right?

    atleast they have theirs based on opinionrather then just dumb stuff

    whats wrong with racing from a roll. each persn wants to race from their strong point right? why don't you have the balls to race them from a roll?
  19. And this is without a tune...LOL!!!

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  20. I thought this had died:(.