Ricers say they can beat a 5.0L Mustang, haha read this...

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  1. I'm pretty sure I don't give a ****......

  2. id say.
  3. I'd say everything's been beaten to death a hundred times on this forum.....so if you have something new to talk about, then let's talk. Otherwise, did you know NOS stickers add 1,000 hp to your car? :rolleyes:
  4. 350 by far. Let's see you make 500hp n/a for $5k with a 302. Then once you've spent $10k doing so, let's see the block hold together. That's not even an argument :shrug:

    EXACTLY. Thank you. I love my car, but I will admit every fault it has. I love these cars because they're in my price range at this point in my life, they're reasonably quick with mild mods, I can work on them in my back yard, they're pretty reliable and they have a lot of potential. No, they're by no means fast, pretty much the whole drivetrain is a joke, and the suspension/brakes are very sad in stock form. They are not in any way shape or form a "muscle car", "sports car" or anything like this. We just got lucky that they sold a **** load of them and the aftermarket got massive.
  5. So you mean to tell me that it's cheaper to build an LS1 than it is to build on a 302? My buddy has the LS1 Camaro and he can NEVER do anything to it b/c intakes run $300 just to give you an example, and I paid $150 for mine.

    As far as I know, modern day 350s are an arm and a leg to modify, and that's real.

    And if a Mustang ISN'T a muscle car, than what the hell IS? :shrug:
  6. When did we start talking about LS1s? A "350" is the classic sbc, usually carbed. An LS1 isn't a 350. But as far as modding LS1s, the parts are lot more expensive, but it's a hell of a lot easier to go fast. A cam and bolt ons will get you in the 11s with traction and good driving.

    As far as being a "muscle car", "muscle cars" stopped being built in like 1972. A Mustang in the era was considered a "pony car", but I guess you could call it a muscle car.
  7. I see what you're saying now. :nice:
  8. hey for what its worth today on my way home from running around in my new ( to me atleast ) 88 lx auto 5.0 i came across a very well done wrx. well i revved at the light like the a$$ i am and we hit about 25-30 ( speedo was reading 75mph ) well i looked over he gave me the heads up beeped three times and we got on it..he was within a bumper of me the hole time they are fast little cars..
    i have a 88 lx 4:10 rear hooker shorty headers 2.5 high flow exhaust flowing threw flow master 2 chambers with a shift kit

    he had 3 inch exhaust bov front mount cooler running stock boost and rims.
  9. And that wasn't even an STi.
  10. if that was an sti ( which i have personally had the pleasure to ride in ) i would have been picking asphalt from my teeth..they're very quick little cars. but give me sometime to build then ill find a sti or evo to fight with...by the way anybody ever run against one of them pesky little 350z cars?..im dying to get my a$$ whooped by one..lol
  11. Around 14.0-14.1 with a good driver. You should be able to run with one.
  12. DO they sell that Forester with the STi engine in the USA? We have them in Canada, OMG talk about a freaking sleeper "you got beat by a freaking Forester, man" :lol:

    I love sleepers like that.

  13. Wrong.. To truly add horsepower, you must add VTEC and type R stickers. They add quite a few horsepower when they are missbadged. I'm not even sure if the vtec itself adds horsepower. But I know the stickers do!!
    On a different topic, I'm pissed that my camera phone pic of the civic on dubz with 4 inch dual exhaust and a bigass wing didn't come out. Tough getting a pic doing 70 on 95 and trying to take a pic tho. Thing looked like a conestoga wagon! :rlaugh:
  14. Wings are fine, I don't care; other than being funny it doesn't cause any harm (unless it falls off - but I never follow a ricer for that reason). It's the damn 200db fart piped POS 4 banger sounding like a wet fart TRYING to move faster than a moped. Then they have to add 5000watt sound systems and park in a residential area and play their baggy-pant-sideway's cap wearing bull**** "music" all night. Sorry when is "punch a ricer in the nose" day?
  15. My neighborhood is predominantly mid 30's to late 40's so almost no rice. There's a riced out eclipse non turbo, but he also has a 3rd gen RX7, so it's ok. On my street, there's a black new edge gt, a red 06 gt, a green 96 gt, a worked to the balls bullit, a yellow mach 1, and my lx. The guy with the bullit also has quite a few other mustangs show up regularly. Most often, a 2003 cobra and a 93 Gt. The best part... No ricers! :flag:
  16. Next year I'm moving to the country... old farmer's road and you will have to drive for 3 minutes in my driveway before getting to the house :lol: That's the dream anyway...

    No ricers, no cars, just cows and the fresh smell of cow **** in the morning. :D
  17. Boss, you'll love it. I can sit outside all day and not hear a single fart cannon.
  18. I wonder how loud a cow can fart?
  19. Smoke'em all day long....they HATE it. But I figure if you can hear my exhaust, camshaft, and can SEE my sport comp tach sitting on the dash, you probably shouldn't be ****ing with me. :shrug:
  20. Pretty loud.....but at least it's not a WET sound like a ricer. :D
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