Ricers say they can beat a 5.0L Mustang, haha read this...

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  1. As if this thread hasn't been derailed several times already.....

    I'm CONSTANTLY arguing with my Chevy friends over which make of car is more dependable, durable, and easiest to modify (cheapest to modify should I say).

    The Ford 302 vs. the Chevy 350, which one is cheapest to modify?
  2. Chevy 350 is cheaper to mod. :D That 80's Malibu seems to be a light car just like our fox bodies too... :)

    As far as vtec goes... ummmm yeah! Go Vtec! If honda made a 5.0L it would have 450hp and maybe 250lb-ft of torque and need to shift at 8000rpm for full power????
  3. There is a reason hundreds and hundreds of car guys run 350 chevys in all kinds of different cars. Cheap and easy to make good power!
  4. The platform itself was around for 26-years (25 of those in a Mustang)....not 14.
  5. there we go, can't be too bad. Every car will have pros and cons, that's for sure. Unless you have millions of dollars and have your very own custom made "from ground up" car to suite you, you won't find a perfect car.
  6. Bugatti Veyron...:drool:
  7. I could've sworn someone on here implied that the 302 was the cheapest block to modify....:scratch:

    Guess I was wrong.:shrug:
  8. I think they meant that a 302 is cheaper to mod than a 1.6L Honda engine?
  9. oh man... I have an example of "Mustang rice"

    My cousin has a green V6 1995 Mustang, I helped him turn it into a 5.0L 5-speed. The doner car was a junked GTS, not much mileage and his car runs pretty good. Not a super fast one as the motor is stock but is reliable.

    So now he managed to put on one of those HUGE COBRA R bumpers (doesn't fit the rest of the car very well), he put some Cobra badges, Cobra stickers everywhere, some cheap pepboys Snake stickers on the center caps of his "made in china" Cobra replica wheels (also put some red "R" stickers over the snake stickers). Other body mod is a handmade 1982 scoop replica put on his hood.

    He put two 3" exhaust tips about 8" from the rear tire (near the door) on each side with cherry bomb glasspack mufflers, thing sounds like a dump truck.

    Okay, not so bad - just his taste. But here's when the ricer comes in. He tells me this "I called Ford and gave them the VIN of the parts car, turns out it has a real Cobra engine with 265hp"... Now he expects me to believe this, I'm VERY insulted right now.

    It's funny because my non-Cobra engine fox kicks his ass pretty damn badly. His best timeslip was 14.8, and he averages in the low 15's. It's guys like him that all the FWD ricers in my area think they can beat "super modified mustangs"... :rolleyes:
  10. I've said it time and time again.....NOS stickers are what REALLY adds the horsepower. Pasting on two or three at a time basically turns your car into a rocket ship.
  11. if that's the case my tool box should do the 1/4 in 5 seconds or less :D
  12. It did........last night at Gateway. I wasn't supposed to tell you, but man, it was EASILY the fastest tool box at the track.
  13. woohooo :D :lol: I may put some new B16JHTD roller bearings in the drawers.
  14. you know with every sticker comes an extra 5 hp right.......lol
  15. My tool box blew the welds on the caster. Now my socket wrench and I have to replace all the roller bearings on the drawers. I should have double clutched...
  16. Of COURSE I do! :nice:
  17. i lost about 40hp when i took all the stickers off my car when i got it then.......LOL
  18. That statement only holds true if you choose to remain in the stone age and stick with a carbeurated set up. As far as EFI goes, the 5.0L HO is still king of the cheap parts. :nice:
  19. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! :flag:
  20. The stickers joke has been beaten to death hundreds of times over..even before you guys heard it.
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