Rich smell

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by zeke491, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. I'm all of a sudden getting a strong fuel smell. When you coding your base tune do you ever get a strong fuel smell in the cabin?

    Not sure if my tune is really rich or I have some sort of fuel leak. it the tune or mechanical failure.
  2. What kind of AFR are you seeing on your wideband? How about your LAMBSE values?
  3. check your vac. lines and the charcoal canister as raw fuel smell will escape with cracked lines or an unhooked canister.

    Any exh. leaks?

    Do you have a wideband?
  4. I had a problem where my FPR vacuum was unhooked but resolved that. I may have other issues like the lines on the vacuum canister seemed like they are not the best of shape. The reason I didn't replace them is because they the smell seems to come from the fuel rail area hence me thinking the tune. My tune has always been rich but never this bad. It got much better but still gets bad enough to give you a headache.

    Is there a way I can test the vacuum say with a vacuum gauge? what should the vacuum be?

    I don't have a wideband. I just have a TwEECer. My Lambase values on the latest datalog are 12-14. Are those values a little low or am i missing the boat on what Lambase is for?

  5. Vac should be normally 17-20... However mine is about 14 due to my cam. Lambase values are not that bad.

    Check for exhaust and vac leaks...