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  1. As of November 30, 2009 this problem is in process of being resolved with a refund from Rick Wurth. More later.
    On December 2, 2009 a refund check was received for the full amount of $1595.00 from Rick Wurth. When it clears I will post here again with an update.

    I contacted Rick Wurth by phone around October 19, 2009 to get information about the rack system he is building for the early Mustangs (also early model Fords). He calls he operations: "Wurth it Designs" Link: Ford Rack and Pinion Conversions, Galaxies, Fords, Mustangs, Custom Steering

    He is located in Poway CA. After speaking with him for at least a half hour I called him again to have more questions answered and then sent him a personal check for $1595.00. I was told the rack would be shipped in about two weeks max; he had to make up some parts.

    Time passed and later I called and got no answer or return calls. NOT ONCE did Rick Wurth ever return a call in this time frame of five weeks. On November the 12th, I finally got him to answer the phone and he stated the kit was ready to ship but he was short some "U" joints, but assured me that he would be calling in 4 or 5 days and let me know it shipped.

    I began calling and leaving messages on the 24th about the rack. Finally on Wednesday the 25th I left a message requesting a refund and also sent a letter by Priority Mail with confirmation stating the same. That letter will be delivered on the 27th of November, today.

    I again called today the 27th of November and get voice mail and no reply phone call.

    Email: [email protected]
  2. Hmmm…

    Sparx- Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.:ack:

    I know nothing of Wurth other than what I see on the website, which is colorful but "busy" and poorly organized.

    Before I ever altered my car to R&P, the kit would have to be clearly superior to OE, comparable in price to replacement OE, and not require extensive modification to the car. Since I have autocrossed the car with OE steering, you may find I have a higher opinion of the original steering than the average car magazine. Call me jaded, but I have to factor in when I see these articles raving about the wonderfulness of some new R&P kit, they are also supporting companies which advertise on their pages.
  3. I am just a bit pissed that's all.
    Cannot proceed with my project!
    Filed Fraud complaint with the USPS this morning. I really hated to do it but I have no choice in the matter. :(

  4. I hope you get some restitution, Sparx. You might also notify the BBB. I wish I'd checked their site before ordering a product that I never received only to discover that the company was notorious for this.

    2+2GT, I'm guessing you were autocrossing with the manual steering. Correct? From talking to a few rebuilders, it seems there will always be some play in the power system, and I think that I would find that unacceptable in a racing situation. But I'm quite curious as to any way to get tight steering out of the stock power system.
  5. Do a stop pay on the Check!
  6. Too late for that check was written on October 21, and cleared October 27th.
    Five weeks have passed since this began.
  7. Ok
    I made contact with Rick Wurth today. He says his Blackberry is not taking messages. Also he now knows the link to his email on his website is dead.

    He told me he is sending a refund check.

    I will post here when this is resolved.

    My attempts to contact him by phone, email, US mail, and thru Classic Mustangs by phone and email, all failed.

    Today I finally got through.

    More later

    On December 2, 2009 a refund check was received for the full amount of $1595.00 from Rick Wurth. When it clears I will post here again with an update.
  8. Check has cleared issue is resolved!