Ride Height Question

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  1. Ok guys I'm about to order new coil springs and leaf springs for my 65 and currently the ride height is at 13.5" in front and 14.5" in the back. I'm so confused after looking at the chart from mustang Steve that I need new input! What can I order to keep me at or about the same ride height? I seen mustang plus has a kit that is the 1" 620# springs and a 4.5 mid eye spring. Will that keep me around the same ride height or what should I get?
  2. I'm about to do the same upgrade your doing and leaning towards that mustang plus kit I've actually seen a fastback with the kit and it looked good lets see what others are running
  3. usually when you replace sagging springs the front will sit higher even though its a lowered coil from my experience
  4. ok i went ahead and ordered the grab a track kit from mustang plus, so i guess i will see how it sits once i install everything, and i guess if its to high i will either do the shelby drop or cut some of the coil off to get the right ride height that im currently sitting at.
  5. A half coil is plenty, 1 full coil will cause the coil to fall over when the front is jacked up, which mine do now.
  6. i did the shelby/arning UCA drop, and i friggin love it. i got the 620 rate 1" lowering coils, and it is awesome. the back has the 1.5" lift springs, now i think its too much differnce. 3" rake almost. one thing to remember, measure 3 times, cut once. if you F the cut on those coils up, your out 300 bucks and spend the rest of your night upset with beer in hand.
    cutting the coil stiffens the ride however! so prepare for that. not much, maybe +50 pounds per half inch if i remember correct
  7. ok so i installed the grab a trak kit and the car sits pretty good in my opionion but the passenger side of the car sits between 3/8" - 1/2" higher than the other side does, what should i do to remedy this?
  8. Twist spring around to diff position. I have to do that on my 68 C-10. It leveled it out one I hit the sweet spot.
  9. Any pictures? I have the 4.5 mid eyes from GAT and 620 coils plus the shelby drop. No motor in yet but I'm curious to how it will sit when done. Like to see yours.
  10. I'm changing the water pump right now but I'll take a pic once I get it on the ground in a few
  11. Stang Front Side View.JPG Stang with Air-splitter.JPG

    Car sits 4" lowered All-around with cut Front Coils and de-arched Maier Leaf Springs with 1" lowering blocks and Koni Shocks ---- No Fender Rub...
  12. What size rimes are you running? And back space on them
  13. 17" x 7" American Racing "Daytona" with standard backset... I plan to order "Wider" rims for the rear because I have a good 3 1/2" clearance .