rides on tlc

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  1. Wow check it out now!
  2. I tivo'd it and just watched it. That V10 sounds sweet! Lets keep our fingers crossed it makes it into the '06 cobra.
  3. remember when we all saw that v10 in the test mustang and ford kept saying it was a "just for fun" project. i can't believe they are going to put this engine into production. will it be 602 HP without the 106 octane race gas?
  4. Well now I have a Tuesday show. Mondays for me on Discovery are Monster House, Monster Garage and American Chopper (all new seasons starting next Monday). That's usually all I watch. So Tuesday night has new meaning now. Next week Rides looks awesome too.
  5. What time is it on? Was it the V10 Shelby Cobra or the V10 Mustang?
  6. It was the V10 Shelby Cobra.
  7. People always say how the sound of an exhaust note makes them nauseous or drool or wet their pants, and I never believed them...

    Until I heard that car

    even through the TV!
  8. dammit!!! i missed it!....do they rerun it???