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  1. I need help, 11 hp B&S the thing will turn over but wont start? Suggestions. MATT!!!!!!
  2. TPS and IAC
  3. Are you joking?

    This is what I get from the Dealer site.
    Place all controls in starting position, turn ket switch to "start"
    No Sound - Nothing Happens, Rattling Noise is Heard,
    Engine Turns Over but Will Not Run,

    Take the Unit to an Authorized Briggs & Stratton Dealer
    The symptom you have selected can be caused by several more complex problems than the typical consumer can remedy. Take the unit to your local authorized Briggs & Stratton dealer.

    The mower will turn on and will start every once and a while but It will not start the first time and when it does start it floods out.
  4. how do you know its flooding out does it make alot of smoke?

    when you start a carbed motor you need to choke it when its cold and crank it some, then choke off and crank, choke on etc. eventually it should start IF it is tuned properly.

    has it been sitting? may need to file the points and set the gap

    if it just started to not want to run while u were using it it may need the fuel mixture adjusted, if its going rich turn the fuel mixture screw 1/8 turn clockwise (leaner) at a time and keep trying...
  5. Well when it does start it runs hard, then it sounds like it is drowning so I think it is flooding, no smoke at all.

    It has not been sitting at all, one day the Plastic gear on the magnito that turns the flywheel broke so I replaced it and ever since then the thing has been going this.

    Where are the points?
  6. points should be behind the flywheel but leave that alone.

    you replaced a starter motor on the thing you mean?
  7. No Just the gear for it. Let me paint a picture It is cylindrical and when you open it up it has a coil in it and magnets. The gear on tip of it was the thing I replaced. Do you think I should replace the Cylindrical thing is that the starter motor?
  8. I think there maybe something here. Its a good chance the ignition is breaking down after it starts.

    How long do you have to crank it before it starts?
  9. FOREVER It seems I have to try it over and over and then charge the battery (NEW). I
  10. Yeah, a lot of people seem to think the TPS and IAC can cause just about anything to happen on a 2.3.
  11. I was hoping you were man I would be forever looking for them on there too.
  12. check the carb, might have a stuck float, or needs a rebuild. Have you pulled the plug to check for spark??

  13. :lol: Have you checked your piston return springs?
  14. Spark is good.
  15. ok maybe the new gear is jammed in the ring gear too tightly or something. Does it crank as fast as it did before? Is there a pull starter on it that you can try with the starter removed?
  16. I wish there was a pull start on it, the gear freely moves I can see that because I have relocated the gas tank. The starter I believe may be the problem so Monday I am going to call for a price and see what I can do.

    I guess I will be replacing bolt on items until the thing begins to work.

    Now I am planing a great Tank relocation for this project also, gravity feed and larger capacity. Now this is a regular 11hp tank (plastic) I am thinking a metal 2 gal red gas can modified for the gravity feed. mounted above the enigine in the rear.
  17. If you have a good spark, then just out of curiousity I would unbolt the fuel bowl and see how much crap is sitting in the bottom. New fuel filter???
  18. I will try anything, you got an idea on how to put a good drain valve onto a metal gas can for a gravity feed?
  19. Is the fuel bowl on the fuel lone between the tank and the engine?
  20. No it should be the bottom portion of the carb.

    You need a drain??? Fill it up was gas and then drill a hole... don't do that.