Riding Lawn Mower

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  1. There is a hole in the bottom of the carb and it is clean. I am about to beat the thing with a bat.
  2. If there's good spark...

    Remove the airfilter and spray fuel in carb while cranking. If starts and runs for a bit, it's your fuel delivery.

    Dump the tank, blow out the lines, put a $10 carb kit in (clean the carb while installing). Then get some fresh premium fuel and 9x out of 10 the BS will run for another 15 yrs.

    ....then use fuel stabilizer in every tank and you'll avoid many future probs. Also avoid modifying the fuel system unless you know what you're doing. They run the way the factory made them and often don't after some "handiman" remedies.

  3. Long time no hear where have you been man?

    Air filter was removed last summer, I use carb cleaner in it to help prime the carb.

    I have that fuel stabil for storage is that what your talking about?

    I am still going to replace the starter I really think that it is a part of the problem.

    Welcome back to the 2.3 HD BTW
  4. UPDATE:::::

    I pulled the carb to do a good cleaning and when I did there is a black rubber s looking tube there that is cut to crap, so that may be where my problem is for it to stay running.

    The starter is definatly an issue though and you know they want $75 for a 11 hp lawnmower starter? Man that is outrageos.

    I hope that the little rubber s tube solves some issues, if so I will get the starter when I am tired of messing with this one.
  5. Got the tube installed, and it is staying started longer now the spring that is attached to the choke/throttle lever needs to be replaced. It is not even reving the engine as I move the lever like it should be yet.