Right rear clunk when hitting bumps


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Jun 23, 2019
Clackamas or
I know there are multiple other threads talking about noise in the rear but none match my specific issue. So I decided to make a new thread.

I’ve got a 2017 gt performance package with just over 20k on the clock. When I go over bumps, speed bump, pot hole, plate in road, the car makes a clunk noise. Mostly sounds like it’s coming from the right rear corner but also sounds like it’s coming from the trunk. Doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the left at all and doesn’t happen when turning. It’s not there at very low speeds but is present at any speed that disrupts the rear end. At first I thought I had something bouncing in the trunk but there’s nothing loose back there. I recently had new mufflers put on because the previous owner did a muffler delete. Was too loud for me. It’s stock otherwise and was done by an exhaust specialist. The car drives straight, accelerates and stops hard like it should but that noise is starting to freak me out. Any ideas?
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