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  1. Was looking at getting new rims and of course the ones I decide I want are no longer for sale, the alcoa super snake rims. So my question is is there any company that makes a rim similar to those. So far I have been unable to find any. If not my other question is how much of a difference does half an inch in width in the back tires. This is because my other choice that I am leaning towards are the 20x9.5 Roush rims. Any help would be appreciated because to me honest I am lost lol.
  2. Thanks earleys but they are all sold out. Tj I was looking into the spyder wheels but the only thing i dont like about them is the deep dish look. If they came out to flush I wouldn't hesitate to buy them. I also love the staggered look because I am finding it almost impossible to find an 11 inch back tire. How do you avoid rubbing on your wheels. I'm asking because I found a set of acealloywheels that look like yours except flush. Only problem is the offset is only 35 so im worried about rubbing since I plan on lowering the car.
  3. Traffic is so low on these boards these days! Or maybe is because so few users actually own an S197.... I remember back in the day the fox body forums were constantly full of members posting.

    But anyway, I really love those Alcoas and want to get a set some day. Its a shame they dont make them anymore...will have to go the ebay route :(
  4. Yeah I had to go the Ebay route, it was pretty expensive :-( but was worth it
  5. how much did u spend? Please post pictures once you get them on. Are you selling your factory wheels?
  6. I spent $3800 for the set with center caps and shipping. I haven't thought about selling the stock ones yet
  7. What size are your stock rims? I'm looking for 17's.
  8. including tires? When are the pics coming?