Rim Opinion

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by jghood13, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. What does everyone think of 93 R rims on sn95 say a Black sn95, or have pictures of such a car.
  2. I dunno about the way it'll look bro, plus those wheels were 7 inch wide right? our cars NEED a phat/wide wheel to fill those wells up.
  3. no they are 8in wide...in fact the 93 R wheels are just like 94-95 17" rim's....but then are black not silver
  4. I had my stock 17-inch tri-bars, which are the same as the 93R wheels except different colors. A lot of people told me that they looked ugly. I think they look a lot better on foxbody's. Anyways, the 93R wheels are expensive, their are people converting the 94-95 tribars to 93R wheels because of the limited production. I would invest in some nicer wheels.
  5. I think they could look real nice...but I am yet to see em on anything but a fox body. I'd love to see pics.
  6. i think they would look better on a red car a black with bkack rims like that is over powering...a 5 spoke black rim with a silver lip woudl look cool on a black car.
  7. I'd say just go with some black bullit wheels if you're going for that look. Nothing too special about the 93 Rs in my opinion.