Drivetrain Ring And Pinion Install

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Cory Berg, May 23, 2013.

  1. Over the last week or so I've noticed that my pinion seal is leaking. I wanted to take this opportunity to put in some new gears because I drive it every day and some better mileage would be really nice. Does anybody know a good shop in the San Jose, Ca area that could help me out for a good price?
  2. Changing the ring and pinion is not that difficult. You'll just need to do some research on you tube and such. Or you could buy the book and it will walk you though it. Or you could go to just about any repair place and have it done.
  3. I'm not confident enough to change it myself and lack the proper tools and facilities to do it myself...
  4. Any local shop should be able to handle it for you.
  5. What is a good price to pay to have it done? I certainly don't want to pay too much...
  6. I would expect to pay for 2 to 3 hours. Down here most mechanics charge anywhere between $65 and $120 an hour. Your best bet is to find a smaller shop where you see a muscle car or hotrod sitting outside. Usually means thier old school. A new ring and pinion is not that cheap either. What gears you plan on putting in? And what mods do you have done now?
  7. Also to do a ring and pinion yourself, you would need a dial type in./lb. torque wrench to torque your pinion nut to about 15 in/lbs. to. I myself have not found an auto parts store that rents one out to use, and they are very expensive to buy, most cost over $200 that I have seen.
  8. I just did mine and the guy charged me 300
  9. And he took about 6 hours
  10. not if you want it done right... very few shops have a guy who can do them and do them right.
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  11. Do not farm this out to the lowest bidder. This is not a job for the nutswingers at Tire Kingdom or Sears.An improperly installed gears and/or pinion can cause all kinds of damage to the rear end assembly. Find someone that does this and does it well. Certain things it pays to have done right the first time. I would go to at least three different shops in person to see what kind of work they do first.
  12. This is exactly the help I was looking for. Thank you guys.