Rio Red Progress Thread...

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  1. Yeah, are you serious? Stop being a lazy **** and type "tan leather racing seats" into Google, or do you want everything handed to you?

    Those are not the ones I ordered, but they were one of the options. I heard bad things about the quality of those Summit seats, so I went the more expensive route.
  2. I'm not interested in any seats. Just was surprised at such a prickish remark. Thanks for following it up with an even better one.
  3. Very nice looking Stangs :nice:!
  4. I didn't reply to the other member like a "prick" when he asked for the link to the seats. I declined his request as politely as possible. The seats I ordered aren't difficult to find, I just choose to opt out of aiding in the rampant copycat BS that happens on the internet. I'd like something on my car to remain unique for more than 10 minutes. Thanks for interjecting for no reason.
  5. Thanks man!! :nice:
  6. Wow. Have a good life.
  7. You too, thanks. Can I get my progress thread back on track now? Anyone interested in the seats can PM me and I'd be more than happy to link them up. I'd just rather not broadcast it for now. Anyway, more updates coming soon.
  8. i personally like these the best:

    anyway...nice progress! :nice:
  9. So my seats arrived in one piece and they're awesome. I haven't had the chance to put them in the car yet, but that's happening sooner than later.

    Tomorrow morning I'm dropping off all of the new body parts to be painted up at the body shop a member on here named Jesse (MACn88BlckStang) works at. I'm also grabbing a set of 03-04 Cobra side skirts tomorrow morning on the way home from there, to be painted too. Pics coming soon! :nice:
  10. You sold the notch?!
  11. Where did you get those seats?
  12. They look like the 3A Racing seats to me.

    BTW, I think Pep Boys and Autozone sells them...


    They look to be around $175 - $350 per seat depending on where you get them.
  13. i believe you found them :nice:
  14. Yup. Glad to see it gone. Biggest piece of **** I've ever owned. :nonono:

    PM me and I'll fill you in. It looks like the racing seat police already found and posted it though, just to put a big middle finger up in my face.

    I don't know what they're called, all I know is where I got them and what I paid. PM me and I'd be more than happy to tell ya. :nice:

    See above.

  15. You were so pumped to get that thing! It "looked" real nice too. Shame it didnt work out for ya mang :(
  16. I was really excited to get that car. It was beautiful on the outside, but the guy who built it was a redneck in every sense of the word. I took the car out maybe 5 times and it left me on the side of the road 5 times. I changed the entire charging system, cooling system, starter, 3g alternator, gaskets on the top end, carb, and it still didn't run right. Add the price of 5 tow truck rides on top of all of that and you can see how frustrating it can be. I was very glad to see it go. :nonono:
  17. In other news, the 03/04 front and rear bumpers, 03/04 cobra trunk lid and spoiler, and '99 cobra hood are being painted right now. As of right now the front bumper is prepped and ready for primer. Pics of the finished product soon.

    Next on the agenda: full Maximum Motorsports suspension. :D Engine mods are coming last, I'm doing this car the right way this time around. I learned my lesson from my notch by spending all of my money making 300 horsepower on a factory stock suspension that had no business having that much power put through it. Talk about a fun ride. :eek:
  18. Beautiful car. Ever time I check this thread it get's better and better. I'm ready to see how those seats are going to look in there. I have never seen tan leather racing seats in a car. I bet it's going to look SICK.
  19. I love the 03-04 cobra body stuff. She's going to be sick! Can't wait to see it all done up :)
  20. Thanks guys!! Soon enough she'll be sitting pretty. :D

    Here's a teaser pic for those following along...