Rio Red Progress Thread...

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  1. One more teaser... special thanks to Jesse who is making this all happen. If anyone in the tri state area needs paint work, he's the dude to call!

  2. You didn't even reply last night! haha, I'm hopin to prep up the front bumper tonight and sweep/mop up the paint room at lunch today and shoot everything but the rear bumper tomorrow! Lets jus hope the paint matches! The paint should be coming in this morning.
  3. Here's some progress pics for ya chris, The hood had a bunch of little chips that needed sanded out so I ended up sanding them out and spot priming the hood. The trunk was in pretty good shape and the front bumper was a mess!
    Yes, someone DID spray the trunk lid with the wing and emblem on it at some point. HACKERS
  4. Changes the WHOLE look of a new edge...

    Question though, how come you didn't go terminator hood? just to be different? :)
  5. Thanks for posting pics Jesse! :hail2:

    I agree! I went with the 99 Cobra hood over the terminator hood just to be a little bit differet. I also know the 99 cobra hood was put on V6 cars as well, so I was hoping it would add a bit to the "sleeper" thing. :D
  6. which wheels did you end up keeping on it?
  7. The car currently has the black FR500s on it still. I'll be switching the wheels up over the winter anyway. I'm thinking of going with black chrome 18" saleens or saving for a set of true forged wheels. I can't really justify spending $4k on a set of wheels though for the true forged, especially when the car needs a built MMR 900 bottom end and a Kenne Bell first. :nice:
  8. are you going to be selling your stock seats? PM me if you are.
  9. PM sent. :nice:
  10. Aaaand a few more pics... Jesse started spraying some of my parts because he's a badass. :D



  11. well if you ask me the car is and will be awesome when finished, but looks to me that the seats are mass produced from one manufacturer then sold to the many auto parts distributors throughout the world then marked up and sold to people like you. personaly i dont like em, i think a set of reskinned cobra seats without the serphant sewn into it would look a lot better
  12. Thank you for the compliment! However, a clean set of tan 03-04 Cobra front seats will be somewhere in the $1200+ range since that color so rare. To re-skin a different color set to tan would cost $700 per seat for the upholstery alone from Ford, plus the price the upholsterer would charge to do them, plus the price of the seats themselves.

    I wish I would have known my choice of racing seats would have been such a problem. If I'd known I would have never started a progress thread in this section. :(
  13. I dont think those aftermarket seats will look too bad.
  14. I really want some more comfortable seats.. :nonono: s197 seats would be nice.
  15. Here's some more pics Chris,
    I sanded an buffed the trunk lid and got everything back on it. The spoiler needs a few dirt nibs sanded out but that will be easier done once the lid is on the car. Gonna go finish sanding the hood and maybe buff it as well tonight! I just got the epoxy to fill in the COBRA on the rear bumper today, was gonna section in the "MUSTANG GT" in from a 98 bumper I have lying around but decided it wont work cause of the contour differences of the two bumpers! Can't wait to see this stuff on the car!
    After sanding and compounding it
  16. For some dumb reason I forgot to take pics of the stuff after I cleared it.
  17. looks fantastic! great work! :nice:
  18. Here's some more pics, got the hood sanded and buffed, the parts came out SUPER flat. I think Chris's car is in store for a serious detail once we get the parts on the car! haha
    Half compounded just to show the difference.
    After some polishing glaze, after we get them on the car I will hit them with some ultra fine glaze.
  19. WOW those look insane!! So yeah... you're gonna have to do the whole car Jesse, haha!!
  20. Diesel as hell. I wish you had time to paint my car. I don't need the jambs, underhood etc done just the body haha