Rio Red Progress Thread...

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  1. so whats the status of the bewst?
  2. The kit arrived and is now waiting patiently to be put on the car. Yesterday I picked up a brand new MasterPower T70 with .96 a/r off of Corral for a great price, so that's the turbo I'll be running. All I need is an MAF and a wastegate now and a few tiny odds and ends and it's good to go. The dilemma now is whether I run the kit on the stock motor and blow it up within a few months, or sit on the kit while I build a forged bottom end with trickflow heads and intake... What would Stangnet do? :shrug:
  3. Man what great progress. That turbo kit is going to be SICK! I'd just run it on the stock bottom end, might be surprised how long it holds up with only 58k on the clock.

    And on a side note, the original hood was correct. 35th ann. cars came with the hood scoop, and all 01-04 GT's have the scoop attached that way (V6 hood with scoop bolted on). The 99-00 GT's (non anniversary or Spring Edition cars) came without the hood scoop, so they looked just like the V6's on the front end.
  4. I would go ahead and put the kit on. Keep the psi around 7-8 and you will be golden for as long as you want to.
  5. not to give my new numbers away, but im making around 500 on 11-14lbs right now, car is my DD drive it 95miles a day and no issues. Stock heads, cams, bottom end, trans, and rear end... When BWR dyno day comes around I will be doing some showing off:D
  6. Well, that's good to know! You're running a 62mm right? Do these motors have issues with popping head gaskets under boost or anything like fox cars do? Do you run ARP studs and boost-friendly gaskets?
  7. yea im running a Precision 62mm Billet Compressor Wheel, stock bolts and gaskets. You will throw a rod or blow a piston to bits before you blow the head gasket on a mod. The only problem I have running more than 7lbs is blow by out of the pcv, the fill neck and the dip stick.
  8. How do you go about fixing that? :shrug:

    Also, what are you running for a fuel system? Stock lines and rails? I was thinking of running a 255 in-tank with a 255 in-line and 60# injectors. What MAF did you decide to run? Sorry for the questions! If you don't want your combo all over the internet feel free to PM me :nice:
  9. Oh yeah, and this showed up today...

  10. Did you ever get your seats put in?
  11. Naw it's ok, Im running stock rails and lines w/ dual Ford GT pumps w/o a BAP. 39lbs injectors and PRO-M maf w/ 30 point config.

    From what my brother said my pumps are good till 600hp or 700hp w/ a BAP new lines and rails. The maf w/ a bigger tube should be about the same hp.

    3 Pro-Tube : Pro-M Racing, LLC, Mass air flow meters for all vehicles <--Best maf ever

    And the Oil blow by can be stopped by installing a oil catch tank on the pvc.
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  12. Cannot wait to see the install pics! I will be following this thread closely over the next few days/weeks/months or however long it takes you to install the kit!

    What a transformation this car is going through!
  13. Not yet! Maybe if it ever decides to stop raining and I can get a day off from work. :(

    Thanks a lot for the info man. That helps a ton! :nice:

    Awesome man, thanks! This week I picked up a TiAL 44mm wastegate, Autometer boost/vacuum gauge, AEM UEGO wideband kit with O2 sensor, and an Autometer dual 2-1/16" full A-Pillar pod for the gauges. More to come soon...
  14. Snagged a new set of wheels for the car today. They're 16x10 Bogart R/T's with Mickey Thompson ET Street 295/50/16 DR's and 15x4 fronts. Unfortunately, (like an idiot) it completely slipped my mind that I need longer wheel studs on the fronts to run them with the spacer to clear GT brakes. I picked up a set of 3" Moroso studs and open lugs and having them installed this week. Pics soon...
  15. Any updates???
  16. It's all currently for sale. It sucks, but that's life. :(
  17. Wow, get the car just how you like it and things change in life I'm assuming. Sucks. WIsh you the best with the sale. Did you put the turbo on yet?
  18. What all is for sale?

    +1 tho, sorry to hear your having to sell it.
  19. Yup. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball and you have to adapt. Oh well, it certainly won't be my last mustang. I have the complete turbo kit for sale and the set of Bogart R/Ts. I won't say much more out of fear of the mods locking this down as a 'for sale' thread, which it is not.
  20. hahaha booooooooooooooo