Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. LOL....that's why have more sense than me. I just can't let a once good car die.
    A person could probably buy a couple of new Boss 302s for what will need to go in this car...but its still a 70 Boss.
  2. Holy hats off to you on taking that on.
  3. yes keep pics coming and dont let the black car set too long
  4. ^^^
    Thanks! I won't let it sit, just got to work more in a day
  5. if i was closer i would come help
  6. I can always send you a ticket and put you to work on any number of Mustangs.

    To update the build, One of my other Mustang's motor bit the big one today, so I will be using the motor I built for this car in it. That means I am going all in on a new motor for this car. I will be shooting for 750 + to the rear wheels.

    This will further push the completion of the car, but I am more concerned with every detail being perfect. Pics will be coming.
  7. Coyote it up, you wont regret it!
  8. Good suggestion, just put a Boss coyote in my 67 fastback, so won't be doing it in the 94. I do love it in that car though.
  9. Maybe a Terminator in the 94??
  10. That's another good option, but one of the things I think about with the 94/95 s is that they are the last of the push rod Mustangs, so I am building the push rod motor this car should have had to begin with.
  12. That's it man!

    I've got stuff and details will follow. Will also be ramping up the Vortech blower since my boost will not longer be limited by the stock block's capability. Now I can turn the wick up on that as well.
  13. Boosted 408 then? Pretty sure that will get you to your power goals, and be a simple build as well. We dont need any more delays, ya know. ;)
  14. your going crazy with the build as it is...get a cobra jet 427 SOHC
  15. ^^^
    Both great suggestions. I'll just make sure to not add up the receipts on this engine build.:nonono:
  16. what's this addition of receipts you talk about? you should know by now that is a golden rule that can't be broken. you never add up the cost of a mustang build....if you did, you'd end up daily driving a 1986 honda for the rest of your life.
  17. That's so true. What was I thinking? Plus when the wife asks how much I've spent on it...I can honestly say that I have no clue.
  18. now your getting it! :nice:
  19. Dont be dumb like me and keep your internet purchase receipts in your email. My wife went looking in my email one day and added up what I had spent on my '95. Needless to say she wasnt thrilled, and I had only begun what I actually wanted to do with car. She always gets over it, but man was that a headache.
  20. I'm learning
    Dude...that would only happen to you. I'd hate to think what my wife would find if she actually went looking in my emails.

    I am still working on the project. Dart block is on the way. Been putting some chrome powder on my panhard bar, drive shaft etc. I think this will hold up much better than keeping it polished.

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