Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Very nice! I was going to ask for some pics of other stuff you're working on since the project has been slowed up a bit. :)
  2. Well...I have the Boss project and another customer's 94 Cobra (also a member on this site) who has a build thread over on another forum, but I try not to post pics of other people's stuff on the internet.
  3. I did just get these done...93 Cobra's in chrome/clear powder.

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  4. Jeeeeesus those are sweet!
  5. Thanks dude!
    By the the signature. Thanks for the shout out
  6. Thought you might like that. Just changed it.
  7. I had a spot (as you can see in the pic) that took a really thin coat.. It had a very slight low spot due to the late in the stage quarter to trunklid adjustment that I just wasn't happy with. Got it back in primer Tuesday evening so I'll give it a quick go over with a block & some 220 again & call it !! This just leaves some primer blocking on the 2 fenders, a slight touch of wrestling with primer blocking on the back of the pass door, and this thing is headed to a paint booth.
    Also had to modify my oil pan to work with my new engine, so I stripped it and went back with the chrome powder coat this time. I left the rail spreaders gloss black to give it a little detail.

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  8. Apologies in advance for making everyone think that there has been a long-awaited update when there really hasn't been. ;)

    I just have a question. :rolleyes:

    Off topic: How difficult do you think it would be to delete the quarter panel scoops on a 1994-1998 Mustang? I saw this done on a new edge Mustang a while back and wanted to get it done on my '02 (probably easier since there's much less curve to their scoops). Has anyone ever asked you do to something like that?
  9. It would be easy to do. Just cut a patch panel out of sheet metal and shape it, weld it in, then do the filler and body work. primer paint and done. But I am getting older, so I like the factory look better.
    But thanks for the update comment. You can't rush perfection. HA HA!
  10. why not get bullitt side scoops?
  11. Why would I want to take the easy way out? ;) This is the only Mustang I've seen that had it done, and it looks incredible:!&s=26405fb31e0bbd3002f4ea2e33f58ac1

    I've always wanted to go for a really clean factory look on my cars. That's why I have the antenna and the rear bumper reflectors deleted on the Cobra.

    All this is moot anyway since I no longer have my '02. Maybe I'll think about it for the '95. He did say it would be "easy".
  12. More primer...Driver quarter looks to be in good shape.

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  13. :lol:


  14. looking good keep it up
  15.'re going to be finished in time for Mustang Week this year, right?

    Regardless of when it's finally finished, there is no reason it shouldn't take best of show.
  16. Thanks man! Maybe next year... I'd rather get it the way I want it the first time, then have to go back and redo some stuff. Which I would have to do.
  17. yeah but you can still come over to myrtle for the show right ? i'll be there all week
  18. Still looking good Kevin :nice: cant wait to see some paint on it :)
  19. Well, 39 pages and an almost dead ipad later, I'm inspired and amazed. Excellent work, truly impressive.

    Two quick questions:

    1) The interior panel prep/paint on page 29: what's your experience with its durability? Surely nothing can be done about gouges, but with the right prep/paint is it your experience the paint is resilient?

    2) For the medium smoke tail lights: any insight onto your process & choice materials? I'm loving this look.

    Thanks in advance. Keep it up, even if customer cars temporarily take priority.
  20. I won't be at Mustang week this year. I've been the last several years, but have too much going on this year. I will probably go to Carlisle this year since I'll be up that way anyway. Might see ya there.
    Thanks man! me too.
    Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Had to take you a while.
    The interior panels...I've never had any panel I did scrape off. My method works on the hard plastic textures. As for mean like this?
    I mix my own formula to create the light, medium or dark smoked lights. I use house of color products. The key to making it look good and anything else is in the prep. I will spend 2-3 hours per light to sand and scuff them so the material will bond and not ever come off.

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