Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. That's a nice house, awesome work with the Cobra to, looking forward to seeing both finished projects.
  2. Are you installing a fire suppression system in the garage??? Like maybe sprinklers or something?
  3. I'll take pics of the new house :shrug:

    Post em!
  4. Nice house, nice garage to, looks great. That is a nice landscape, I can see why you stayed there.
  5. what kind of flooring is that in the garage? Did you use it before and if so how does it hold up to jack stands and floor jacks being used on it?

    Nice BF Goodrich framed poster on the wall as well, those are not cheap or easy to find...Ive looked
  6. Very nice! Looks like your insurance company came through for you. Im jealous of your set up man.
  7. Thanks man!

    The flooring is racedeck and it has held up well so far and is easy to clean, unlike bare concrete. I put a 4x4 square of plywood under jack stands because I've heard the edges dig into it. Never used it before, but I always wanted to. If you like the one poster, stay tuned.
  8. Thanks! We had a good policy, but we made sacrificies to get as much house and garage space as we could with it. I just wish we didn't have to go through what we did to get here. I really owe the garage space to the wife. She puts up with a lot from me and is very supportive.
  9. Very nice, I just checked out their site. Looks like a very nice product. If I end up buying the house I'm moving into in a few weeks then I'd like to do the garage floor like that.
  10. I would recommend it. If you do damage a tile or tiles they will send you replacements, no questions asked. You can just pop them up and replace in 5 minutes. Mention garage journal discount and you will receive a very good discount.
  11. ahh very nice thanks. It will probably be a little more then a year from now before I'm at that point but I was thinking about painting the floor but this looks like to be a much better option
  12. Wow! Never knew anything about this car, except how insane it was under the hood with the tuck and polishing. Tears me up to see all your hard work gone so quickly.

    I noticed you posted a picture from Rod Runs, do you live in Tennessee? I hail from Kingsport!
  13. Yep... I am in East TN and go to both rod runs every year.

    Moving to November 2010. A local shop upgraded their paint booth, so I was able to get their old one, so I spent most of November putting up stud walls a ceiling, moving and setting up the detached garage, running electrical, lights, air etc.
    So the 94 got moved to the other garage.
    I did finish blocking the hood and getting it ready to prime.
  14. The month of December was mainly spent scraping together funds to take advantage of Maximum Motorsports Deal of the day.
    I sold a bunch of parts dirt cheap to buy as much as I could.

    I got 75% of the suspension I need.
    MM Bilstein Front Coilovers
    10" 350 coil over springs
    MM Caster Camber plates
    MM Full Length Subframe connectors
    MM K-Member
    MM sway bar end links for lowered cars
    MM Caster camber plates
    MM HD Torque Arm
    MM Panhard Bar
    MM 415-515 torque am springs
    I had also bought some used MM HD adjustable rear lower control arms a couple months back, but since MM recently changed to a more textured powdercoat, I blasted the lowers an re powdercoated them to match.
    So that leaves me needing
    Bumpsteer kit, MM steering rack bushings, Front control arms, MM sports damper package and a couple of other little things.
  15. Also spent some time in December restoring my old intake. I took a couple of pics as I started sanding the smoke and grime off and then polished it back out. I already have a different intake for my new setup, so I'll probably use this one as garage decor or maybe on another car.
    Polished back up with some new paint on the letters
  16. Sweet...Gotta love having a partner like that...not alot of women give a rats azz about our addiction......:hail2:
  17. Those lowers look awesome!
  18. Thanks! Gotta love powdercoat
  19. Awesome thread, will be following. Also will be looking out for the car at Rod Run in April!!!