Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. great yeah i will be at carlisle look me up i will have the yellow car or my black svo there
  2. Remind me...and I'll pm you my number.

    I finally got the rear end setup done. Powdercoated the rear rotors...or well, a few rear rotors and got it ready to bolt it.
    new-3024_zps6a2fda4a.jpg new-3025_zps97d7e5a7.jpg
  3. i think i see some kidk9 calipers/sway bar in that first picture
  4. LOL! Good eye!
  5. Wow! I know where I'm sending my rotors when I do a Cobra brake upgrade on my GT. Can't stand the rusty rotors I have now. Or I could trade you for some Export tail lights and/or mirrors....
  6. I'm glad you posted...that reminds me, I need two sets of mirrors. I'm sure we can figure something out.
  7. ok sounds good i'll remind you as it gets closer
  8. Nothing on the 94 project, but I did manage to get some other to do s done and since I got nothing better to post.

    Here's the ole t-top car. 2 years after I painted it, I finally got around to wet sanding and buffing her out. Here is the results.
    Also finished up my interior redo which included redoing all the factory black pieces and any metal being powder coated.

    Also got the Recaros that I had originally planned to use on the 94 finished up. Since I used another set for this car, I decided to redo them in a modern version of the originals. But with Leather and perforated suede.
    Still need to do the headrest nets, but the bulk is done.
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  9. Whoa..Those are purty!
  10. Daaaammnnn Gina! That's a nice looking seat, and your fox is incredible. I would be too scared to drive it though and get a rock chip. :(
  11. Unbelievably sexy.
  12. you do insane work, that T-top is a good looking machine.

  13. I really like the powdercoating on that battery box. What color/finish is that? Those seats are awesome. I would love to have a set for my car.
  14. Thanks man!
    Thanks... 94-04 Bullitt Pedals are in house if I can get a spare minute to install them. I would be more worried if I had a new Mustang because whether I repaint this one once or 10x...its always going to be a restored or repainted car. A factory new one is only original once.
    Appreciate it!
    Thanks man...The box, seat tracks, rails etc are all semi gloss powdercoat. I can see a set of Recaros in charcoal with a suede black when you swap yours over.
  15. I was thinking the exact same thing. I just noticed that your t-top has an antenna delete. That's always a nice touch I wish I would see more often. :nice:
  16. Well...I guess we've officially reached the time to start painting.
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  17. Awesome cant wait to see how that turns out.
  18. :eek: :rock:

    Is that the Journey logo on the can?
  19. All I can say is "Don't stop believing" in paint being on this car. It is coming soon.
  20. Does the wife ever catch you in the garage with the car "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'"? :eek:
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