Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Yes..I can do any color or design you want. PM me for details
  2. Dang it, we were so close to paint on the Cobra, and you got side tracked! The good news is that you are doing awesome work on yet another nice Mustang.
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  3. I know...but I'm done with the other ones and will be doing nothing but driving them this Summer. So, I can get back to painting the 94.
    Here is the before and after on the Mach 1
  4. Looks nice, and a good height for daily driving. Plans for a power adder on the Mach in the future, or just enjoying it as is?
  5. Thanks man! I could slam it with this suspension, but I want to keep this car clean and comfortable. I don't have any power adder plans as of yet. I'm just going to call it done for a while. Built, powder coated rear end will probably be the next phase on this car. But I'll just get a shell and build then swap them out in an afternoon, so no downtime.
  6. The Recaro's I posted earlier are now completed.
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  7. they look great
  8. absolutely incredible work!!!!!!
  9. Thanks!
    Appreciate it!
  10. pm sent with contact info see you at show
  11. Man I always impressed when I look in this thread! Those seats are kick a&& and beautiful mach1 my friend.

  12. Just read this whole thread, my eyes hurt, and still no paint......

    Very nice work btw.

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  13. Thanks man...I appreciate you following the slow progress.
    Thanks for taking the time out and sorry about the lack of paint. Work is just overflowing right now and I am having a hard time finding a free minute for the ole 94.
  14. It may not be fast progress but the detail on anything you work on is just amazing. So when work like that comes out of your shop it dont have to be fast.

  15. it was nice meeting up at carlilse hope you enjoyed the show
  16. Thanks man...Thats always my goal. was good to meet you as well. I can finally put some faces to screen names from the North east.

    I added a new process to my coating list and did these pieces for the 94 project in it. I have been working on this setup for 9 months. It is called PVD and has a lot more durability and hardness compared to chrome plating. The finish is also slightly darker, which I like. I will be using this on my wheel setup once I redo it.
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  17. that looks great i will have to start pulling parts to send your way i have an extra set of hood hinges ready
  18. Looks like polished ceramic. Is it something along those lines?

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  19. Thanks man! You got my number.
    The finish is a dead on match for Plasma coating which is what my BBS RK wheels came in. It is just a hair darker darker that chrome. It can also be darkened to a match for black chrome.